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Chapter 1175: Incredible

When they were asked about the Xie familys history, the neighbors sighed.

After Xie Qiuran severed ties with her family, Mr.

Xie frequently lamented that neither of his two daughters had married the right person.

“Xie Qiuran returned to Ping City in her third year of marriage.

The Xie family had moved, but Xie Qiuran did not know that.

She had to look for their old neighbors to find her familys new home.

She also learned from the neighbors that Mr.

Xie had passed away in the spring of her second year of marriage.

Those neighbors realized that no one had informed Xie Qiuran of Mr.

Xies passing when she went to the Xie family to quarrel with her eldest sister and mother.

At first, the neighbors thought that Xie Qiuran was heartless and ashamed of Mr.

Xies love for her.

Later, they found out that it was not Xie Qiuran who was heartless and did not come back to see her father off, but that her mother and sister did not inform her of her fathers passing.

They treated Xie Qiuran as an outsider.

“Did you find out what happened to Xie Qiuxiang when she was in prison” Lu Xingzhi did not care that Xie Qiuxiang and Xie Qiuxiang were not loved by their parents.

He only cared about Jiang Yao.

“Ive found out everything.” The person on the phone increased his speed.

“Coincidentally, when Xie Qiuxiang returned to the Xie family, she was in the middle of a lawsuit.

Xie Qiuxiangs husband was violent and often beat her until she was covered in bruises.

During one of their struggles, Xie Qiuxiang accidentally killed her husband.

She returned to the Xie family for about a week before she was imprisoned and sentenced to jail.

“Of course, the neighbors were surprised with Mrs.

Xies attitude.

At first, when the murder was exposed, Mrs.

Xie begged for help everywhere.

She said that Xie Qiuxiang was innocent and that her husband deserved it.

If the police wanted to arrest Xie Qiuxiang and put her in jail, she would hang herself in the police station.

Later, when Xie Qiuxiang was imprisoned, Mrs.

Xie changed her mind.

She said that the Xie family could not tolerate a murderer for a daughter.

After Xie Qiuxiang was sentenced, she even said that she would disown her.

She was too ashamed to have such a murderer for a daughter.


Xie had a grudge against Xie Qiuran.

Did she treat her daughter better after Xie Qiuxiang went to prison” Lu Xingzhi asked with a snort.

“Youve guessed correctly, Young Master Lu.” The person on the other side was pleasantly surprised.

“Thats true.

After Xie Qiuxiang was imprisoned, Mrs.

Xie and Xie Qiurans relationship improved so much that no one would believe it.

They stayed in the same house, and Qiuxiang was filial toward her mother.

They chatted and laughed; their relationship seemed extremely good.”

After a pause, that person continued to say, “Because it was such a big change, the neighbors felt that it was strange.

Some people even said that Mrs.

Xie might have asked Xie Qiuran to go to prison on behalf of Xie Qiuxiang.

The two sisters looked so much alike that even their figures were similar.

Some old neighbors even said they heard Mrs.

Xie address Xie Qiuran as Big Girl in the Xie familys courtyard.

Xie Qiuran even responded very naturally, but in fact, Big Girl was Xie Qiuxiangs nickname.”

“Does Xie Qiuxiang and her ex-husband have a child” Lu Xingzhi was not surprised by that at all.

Those results were in line with the neighbors speculation.

“She has a daughter.

What a coincidence! Her daughter and Xie Qiurans daughter were born only about a month apart.

After Xie Qiuxiang was imprisoned, Xie Qiuxiangs ex-husbands family went to the Xie family to ask for the child.

However, Mrs.

Xie said that the child had died of illness.”

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