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Chapter 1194: Youre A Good Person

“You two are veterans, right” Colonel Lins interest was piqued.

“Do you want me to test you two as well”

Big Ke turned his back toward Colonel Lin.

“Not interested.”

Ah Lu lowered his head and smoked, not even bothering to look at Colonel Lin.

Clearly, he was also not interested in Colonel Lins test.

Jiang Yao listened intently to the chat in the coffee shop.

Her attention was not diverted until a male waiter approached with a platter of hot chocolate in his hands and mistakenly spilled it on her clothes.

“Im very sorry, Madam.

I dont know if it scalded you,” the waiter repeatedly apologized with a nervous expression.

Jiang Yao shook her head as she flung her sleeves.

“Its nothing.”

At that moment, a person who looked like the manager walked forward and scolded the waiter.

Then, he found a waitress and insisted on helping Jiang Yao to the washroom.

He wanted to know if the hot cocoa scalded her.

The manager was very enthusiastic.

The waitress was even more passionate than the manager.

After accompanying Jiang Yao into the ladies room, she helped Jiang Yao take off her coat.

She said, “Check if your arm is burned.

Please dont be angry with my colleague.

He did not do it on purpose.

He just came to work today, so he might not be used to it.”

Jiang Yao rinsed the coffee stain off her coat, but one could still see the coffee stain.

It could not be washed off.

“This is an expensive coat, right What should I do This cant be washed off.” The waitress hugged Jiang Yaos coat, looking like she wanted to cry.

“Our monthly salary cant afford this coat.

Why dont I ask my colleague to take your coat to dry-clean it”

“No, its not a big deal.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

“I didnt even get wet, so dont worry, I did not get burned.”

“Youre such a good person! Ive worked here for so many years, and Ive rarely met a customer as easy to talk to as you.

Once, I accidentally poured hot milk on a customers foot, and in the end, he kicked me.

If my manager and colleagues hadnt come in time, he might have killed me.” The waitress patted her chest fearfully.

“If only everyone in the world was as easy to talk to as you.

It is never our intention when we encounter accidents at work.

But sometimes, theres no way to avoid it.

When we saw the hot cocoa fall on you, we were very worried that youd get burned.”

The waitress seemed to believe that meeting a customer who was easy to talk to and pleasant was unusual, so she became a little chatty.

She asked, “What do you do for a living You looked like a southerner.

You do not resemble a northerner at all.”

When Jiang Yao did not respond, the waitress proceeded to ask enthusiastically, “You seem so young.

Are you still in school Are you 20 years old Youre kind and beautiful!”

Jiang Yao finally smiled; she was in no hurry to go out.

She leaned against the sink and looked at the waitress, who kept talking, wanting to see what she would say.

The waitress was probably scared by Jiang Yaos half-smile.

She scratched her head and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that Its so creepy.”

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