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Chapter 1207: He Was Very Satisfied

“Is it over” Lu Xingzhi took a dry towel to wipe his sweat after returning to the office.

Then, he put on his clothes and looked at Colonel Lin.

“Thats pretty fast.”

“It is pretty fast.

The woman is very smart.” Colonel Lin smirked.

“Lu Xingzhi, congratulations.

Your new partner will definitely satisfy you a hundred times over.”

Lu Xingzhi looked at the report in Colonel Lins hand.

Without waiting for Colonel Lin to give it to him, he grabbed it and lowered his head to look at it.

Colonel Lin did not get a reply from Lu Xingzhi.

He did not give up and continued to say, “Do you want to hear my comments about your new partner”

“Speak.” Lu Xingzhi only said one word to Colonel Lin; his eyes were still on the report.

It was as if listening to Colonel Lin was just a passing thing.

Did Lu Xingzhi want to hear it

Colonel Lins interest was piqued.

He thought for a few seconds and said, “Your partner is very young.

The most important thing is that she is gorgeous! I can guarantee that she is definitely your type.”

“How beautiful” Lu Xingzhi asked casually.

“So beautiful that…” Colonel Lin quickly changed the topic.

He thought to himself that Lu Xingzhi was a clever fox.

Therefore, Colonel Lin changed his words.

“In any case, shes lovely! When she first entered the Police Crime Squad, many police officers had stared at her.

Before I came back, someone asked me about her.

He asked me if she had a partner, what her name was, how old she was, and even had the cheek to ask me to help set them up!”

Lu Xingzhi snorted with pride.

“No woman in the world is more beautiful than my wife.” It was clear that he was not curious about his partners appearance—the woman that Colonel Lin continued to praise.

Colonel Lin choked and thought,Isnt she your beautiful wife

“Forget it; I wont talk about her appearance with you.

Ill talk about her smart brain.” Colonel Lin pointed at the report in Lu Xingzhis hand and asked, “Have you finished reading it Are you satisfied”

Lu Xingzhi finally raised his eyes and glanced at Colonel Lin.

“Are you satisfied with that candidate It seems that it has been decided, right”

“Very satisfied.

Not only am I satisfied, but the bureau chief is also very convinced.

He is also very satisfied,” Colonel Lin admitted without beating around the bush.

“Shes memorizing the information right now, so the candidate for your partner has already been confirmed.”

Then, Colonel Lin said, “Please comment on the report.”

Lu Xingzhi threw the report lightly onto his desk and chuckled coldly.


Colonel Lins expression froze, and he was dumbfounded.

“Are you talking about your partner” Colonel Lin thought that Lu Xingzhi must not have said that about his partner, or Jiang Yao would definitely be furious when she found out.

Of course, if Lu Xingzhi had meant that word for him, he would not be happy about that.

The bureau chief would not be thrilled about that either if it were about him.

Lu Xingzhi said, “Whoever was in charge of the assessment staff will be punished.

Look for people with mistakes.

A fool cant tell which of those people have problems Anyone with eyes would know that the person with chalk dust on his head is a teacher, the one with serious mysophobia and the smell of disinfectant is the doctor, and the man who keeps winking at the people in the coffee shop is the staff.

Is this the person you found”

Lu Xingzhi knocked on the table.

“Did my new partner come in through the back door so that she could be tested by people who are brainless but not nearsighted”

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