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Chapter 1209: Buy A Durian

After Colonel Lin heard Lu Xingzhis words, he snorted and left the other mans office.

When he was back in his own room, he thought about it again.

He recalled how Lu Xingzhi had dismissed his report—that guy needed a beating.

Therefore, he used the office phone to call Jiang Yao to show that he was concerned about her progress.

Then, he said, “I showed your assessment report to your husband.”

Jiang Yao immediately asked, “Did he praise me”

Colonel Lin thought about it for a second and chuckled.

Then, he said, “Ill repeat his words to you—as a spy, how can she be involved in the mission if she doesnt even have her own judgment.

If she believes in whatever other people say, doesnt have her own opinions, cant think for herself, cant analyze or evaluate on her own, then just tell her to go home.”

Jiang Yao was dumbfounded.

She felt frustrated.

“He didnt praise me at all”

Jiang Yao did not give up.

“Its not like theres nothing good about her.

Her marksmanship is passable.

Her performance in the coffee shop is not bad.

She was very vigilant and didnt let anyone get any information.

Her eyesight was not bad.

She even knows how to observe the seemingly unimportant people around her.

She can even recognize the two police officers in the Police Crime Squad with one glance.

However, her close combat skills are not good.

That was what he said.” Colonel Lin smiled.

Jiang Yao was speechless.

She felt stifled, so she hung up the call with Colonel Lin without another word, and then she sent a text message to Big Ke.

When Big Ke got the notification for a new text message, he did not really want to open it.

When he saw that it was Jiang Yaos text message again, he was even more reluctant to get his phone.

“Its Director Jiang.

Why dont you open it and see” Ah Lu saw that Big Ke was silent and did not move, so he raised his leg to kick him and urged him again.

“Check and see if Director Jiang wants you to buy something again.”


Big Ke cursed Ah Lu before he hugged the palm-sized cactus pot plant silently in his arms with a worried expression.

“Director Jiang said she wanted a cactus as big as a washing board, but I couldnt find it even after checking everywhere in Jin City.

In the end, I only bought this small and exquisite pot plant.

Will she think that Im useless when she sees it later”

Ah Lu laughed out loud.

Then, he reached out and took the phone for Big Ke and opened the message.

Then, he read it out loud.

“Buy me a durian.

A humongous one.

The bigger, the better.”

Ah Lu laughed out loud again.

“Big Ke, Director Jiang wants you to buy a durian again!”

Big Ke was dumbfounded; he hugged the cactus and wanted to cry but could not.

“Why dont I continue looking for a cactus the size of a washboard”

Big Ke even doubted the possibility of buying a durian in China! That was an imported fruit!

Not only was it expensive, but it was also not easy to find!

If Big Ke and Ah Lu had not been to a particular country when they were on a mission overseas and happened to know of such a smelly and fragrant fruit, he would not have known anything about it.

“If you cant even buy durian, Director Jiang will think that youre useless.”

Ah Lu said, “Of course, you cant find one in Jin City, but I remember seeing durian at an imported food shop in Jindo City.

Its still early.

Take a bus to Jindo City and see if you can get one from there.”

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