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Chapter 1233: Gu Junhui

Ah Zu was comforted by Jiang Yaos words.

“Sister, youre right! I heard from Xiao Xing that youve studied for many years As expected of an intellectual, youre really different when it comes to comforting people.

I was afraid that youd laugh at me.

I havent been to school at all.

Dont laugh at me, please.”

Ah Zu smiled at Jiang Yao when he saw her gentle smile; she did not appear to look down on him.

“Sister, dont be sad.

Even though your grandmother isnt as nice as my grandmother, you have a good aunt and an even better husband—Changshu.”

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi were disguised as Gu Junhui and Gu Changshu.

Ah Zu must have heard about their stories from Xiao Xing.

Ah Zu agreed to take them under his wings because their experiences were too similar to his, especially Gu Changshus.

He even felt sorry for them.

Gu Junhui and Gu Changshu had a tragic and pitiful story.

When Jiang Yao first saw the information, she could not help but sigh for a long time.

She felt sorry for Gu Junhui and Gu Changshu.

However, even though Gu Junhui and Gu Changshu were both pitiful, at the same time, they were fortunate.

Just as Ah Zu had said, Gu Junhui had an aunt who loved her very much, and Gu Changshu had been in prison for more than nine years.

However, Gu Junhui refused to leave him.

Gu Junhui and Gu Changshu were neighbors in the same town.

Gu Changshu was nine years older than Gu Junhui.

When they got together, it was a weird relationship between an older man and a much younger woman.

One could tell that Gu Junhuis parents had received some form of education when one learned her name—it was different from someone in the countryside.

Gu Junhuis father had named her; they were very happy when she was born.

Unfortunately, their happier times were tragically cut short.

When Gu Junhui was only two years old, her father died in an accident while on a business trip.

Her fathers death caused Gu Junhuis life to be plunged into disaster.

Gu Junhuis grandmother was a superstitious old woman; she was unreasonable and preferred boys over girls.

Gu Junhuis father was her eldest son and her most beloved child.

He was also the most promising child among her children.

Gu Junhuis father got married two years later than his two younger brothers.

He had waited for Gu Junhuis mother to return from her studies, so the old woman was not very happy with the arrangement.

Finally, her daughter-in-law bore them a daughter, and so the old woman had always been blind to Gu Junhuis existence.

After the accident, the family was paid a large amount of compensation.

The old woman was afraid that Gu Junhuis mother would take the money, so she said she was a jinx.

She forced Gu Junhuis mother out of the house and refused to let her take her two-year-old daughter with her because a large portion of the compensation belonged to the child.

Gu Junhuis mother had no choice.

No one in the countryside was willing to help her, so she could only leave by herself.

The old woman took the money but did not think of leaving any for Gu Junhui.

The first thing she did with the money was to renovate the old house grandly.

Then, she and her two remaining sons began to squander it.

However, Gu Junhui did not get to enjoy those benefits at all.

She was bullied by her cousins, aunts, and uncles all day long.

Her aunt, who lived in the city, felt sorry for her.

So, she brought the young Gu Junhui to the city and provided her with education, food, and clothing.

She allowed her to live like her other cousins.

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