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Of course, the young miss had developed feelings for Gu Changshu.

If Gu Changshu were the type of person who could adjust to any scenario, it would be a good thing for her.

However, the trouble was that Gu Changshu was not the type of guy who could adapt to a new circumstance.

Gu Changshu loved Gu Junhui, he could tell.

He would go all out to kill for her with just a few words.

Gu Changshu truly considered Gu Junhui as his life.

No, she was more important than his life.

He was a gentleman.

He had not known home for a long while; no one cared about him.

Therefore, he knew that once he met her, he would want to hold on to her forever.

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao in the hospital were unaware of Ah Zhus current concerns..

They had no idea Sister Wens daughter had returned to Shu City.

Jiang Yaos attention was only on Lu Xingzhi.

Her heart ached as soon as she turned her head and saw Lu Xingzhis bruised and swollen face.

“Later, while the others are asleep, Ill apply some medicine to you.

What a pretty face! Those folks must have noticed how attractive you are, so they focused on your face.” Even though her heart was breaking, Jiang Yao still mocked Lu Xingzhi.

“Im terrified that your recovery will be slow.

Im getting tired of looking at your face.”

Lu Xingzhi looked around the room before he stretched forward to seize Jiang Yaos hand.

He whispered hoarsely, “I will merely be ugly for a few days.

The doctor did not say anything about scars.

I will still look perfect after the scars have healed.

Just be patient for a few days.

Wait for me to recover.

Your husband is still very handsome.”

Lu Xingzhis attitude indicated that he was concerned that she might leave him because he was unattractive.

Jiang Yao snorted as he looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“Just pray that you do not get disfigured.

Otherwise, I am not going to want you!”

Lu Xingzhis heart plummeted.

“You wont.”

“I will,” Jiang Yao responded firmly.

“Didnt I tell you I admire your face”

Lu Xingzhi paused for a time before shaking his head.

However, he came to a pause a few seconds later.

After careful consideration, his wife seems to have stated that his beauty was suitable for usage.

Lu Xingzhis heart tightened even as he considered it.

Then, he whispered, “Brother Ding should come to meet us tomorrow.”

“You were not beaten up for nothing.”

If Jiang Yao had known that Lu Xingzhi had gone to the factory for their task, she would undoubtedly stop him.

There were numerous ways to persuade Brother Ding to appear sooner.

That was a terrible trick.

Lu Xingzhi was placed in a ward with only three beds because Ah Zhu had arranged that with his connections.

The room was calmer and cleaner than the others.

Jiang Yao waited for the other patients to fall asleep before lifting the bed curtain and administering medicine to Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi did not ask after seeing Jiang Yao grab some ointment from her suitcase.

He simply assumed that Jiang Yaos routine as a doctor was to keep some generally used medicine in her bag.

He felt much better after that.

That night, Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi slept in the same bed.

They finally have proof that Lu Xingzhis effort was not in vain.

The following morning, Ah Zhu and the foreman arrived at the hospital.

Brother Ding was also with them.

However, Ah Zhu did not tell them Brother Dings identity, and the man did not greet them either.

He stood behind Ah Zhu as if he were a subordinate.

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