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Chapter 1255: Making Him Your Son-in-law

“This is Brother Ding, whom I have mentioned to you.

He is a righteous man and treats his employees very well.

I can get to where I am today is all because of Brother Ding.

He is my benefactor.

Brother Ding returned to Shu City last night.

He wanted to come to see you when he heard that you were hospitalized.”

Brother Ding was delighted to hear Ah Zhus kind words.

“Its mainly because Ah Zhu is very reliable.

He is my right-hand man.

Ah Zhu said that you have nowhere to go, so you came to Shu City to seek refuge with him.

If you are willing, you can come and work for me.

I might be unsure of anything else, but I know that you can make a lot of money with me.

When you are rich, who will dare to look down on you”


Jiang Yao was pleasantly surprised.

“Brother Ding is willing to bring us to make a lot of money Ah Zhu said the reason he could build a grand mansion in his hometown was because of you, Brother Ding!”

Lu Xingzhis face flashed with surprise, and then he looked disappointed again.

“Im illiterate.

I just got out of prison, and I dont know anything.

I only have my strength, so I dont know how I can help you, Brother Ding.”

“You can learn, slowly but surely.

Theres no rush.

Get well first.

When youre better, you can move to my place and live with Ah Zhu and me.

Then, Ill teach you how to achieve great things.” Brother Ding patted Gu Changshus shoulder in satisfaction.

Then, he gave Ah Zhu a look, a signal that meant they should leave.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Brother Ding left the hospital with Ah Zhu.

Ah Zhu saw Brother Dings expression and knew that he was very satisfied with Gu Changshu.

The two of them had just returned to the mansion when Wen Yunfang heard the news and went to look for Brother Ding.

He had gone to the hospital due to Ah Zhus report and Wen Yunfangs instigation.

After Wen Yunfang went home the previous night, she said many nice things about Gu Changshu.

That only piqued Brother Dings curiosity, and so he went to the hospital to test it out personally.

“Godfather, how did it go Is Gu Changshu as good as I said” Wen Yunfang sat next to Brother Ding and held his hand coquettishly as soon as she entered the living room.

“Quickly, tell me what you think of Gu Changshu!”

Brother Ding did not keep her in suspense.

“Hes not bad.

Hes a good man.

Lets wait a few days for the couple to move in before confirming if hes someone we can use.

However, I do think we can use him.”

“Hes in a foreign town by himself, yet he dared to fight so many people over a woman.

He wont be a bad choice.” Wen Yunfang smiled gently.

Then, she asked, “It seems like you think that hes not a bad choice either, Godfather.

You can confirm that after he moves in here.

By the way, what do you think of making him your son-in-law”

Wen Yunfang did not hide the fact that she was interested in Gu Changshu.

When he heard that, he furrowed his brows and asked, “What You like him That kid is not bad, indeed.

But Im not looking for someone who can let you do whatever you want.

I want someone who can help me accomplish great things.”

“Godfather, Im not doing anything.

Im already 21 years old.

Shouldnt I find someone to marry”

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