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Chapter 1300: All About The Heart

“Fake” The man scratched his head.

“How can it be fake Who knows whats going on in the hospital Did the hospital make a mistake Did they give the wrong result But the result is right!”

“Tell her to come to me with a real paternity test result, and well talk then.”

Jiang Yao pointed at the door.

“If you dont go out now, Ill call for my husband.

My husband is a soldier, and it hurts when he hits people.

Dont say that I didnt warn you.”

“You!” The man was furious.

“Im your uncle!”

“Get lost!”


Jiang dragged the man out of the door and chased him out.

“Didnt you hear what my daughter said Get a real paternity test result before you come here! Youre only using a fake one to fool us.

Fortunately, my daughter is smart and was not fooled by you! ”


Jiang carried a hoe with him.

Then, he closed the door to the house.

Jiang Yao watched through the locked door as the so-called uncle cursed and swore like a local hooligan on the street, swaggering away.

He even turned around and spat in the direction where her father had left.

It was extremely rude.

After walking for more than 200 meters, the man bumped into Mrs.

Sun, who had not shown up yet.

As soon as the man saw Mrs.

Sun, he complained, “Cousin, what kind of daughter is that She has been mocking me ever since I entered the house.

She has no upbringing at all.

To think that Im her uncle!”

“What kind of upbringing can a wild child raised in a small village have Do you think all the children in the world are as obedient as my Xiaoxiao” Mrs.

Sun seemed to like hearing her cousin scold Jiang Yao.

A smile appeared on her face.

“Did you tell her what I asked you to say to her”

“I did, but she did not respond.

I told you to get the real paternity test and then say that youre related to her.

In my opinion, that child is an ingrate.

Even if you can get the paternity test, she wont recognize you.” The man pursed his lips, “Whats more, you—”

The rest of his words were stunned by Mrs.

Suns gaze, and he silently swallowed them.

“Why do you want to acknowledge her anyway Shes not even your daughter.

But I heard that her mans family is rich.

Is that true Is she even richer than your husbands family” The man looked greedily in the direction of the Jiang family.

“If shes wealthy, then its not bad to have such a relative.”

“Do you think the Lu family members are fools Do you think that their money would fall into my hands” Mrs.

Sun asked mockingly.

“If its not for money, then why are you going through so much trouble”

The man looked at Mrs.

Sun like she was crazy.

“Youre running back and forth without spending money Doesnt Xiaoshan need money to treat her illness Or is your family rich”

“If its not for money, can it be for something else”


Suns gaze gradually became vicious.

“Its never about money.

Im after the heart in her body!”



Suns viciousness immediately suppressed the mans expression.

“Cousin, are you trying to take her life”

“So what if I am”


Suns expression became somewhat crazed.

“My daughter is living a life worse than death in the hospital.

I envy every ordinary person who can jump when they want to, laugh when theyre happy, throw a tantrum when theyre angry, and feel sad when theyre unhappy.

Her heart cant wait for her.

The doctors in Jindo City say that if I cant find a suitable heart for surgery, my daughter will die in less than a year!”

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