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Chapter 1420: Converge

Everyones muscles immediately tensed.

It appeared that there were people below.

“Find the nearest landing spot and get backup as soon as possible!”


The nearest landing spot was also a kilometer away.

Furthermore, there was no open land to land on in such a dense forest.

As a result, the helicopter could only hover in the open forest at a low altitude.

They had to lower a long rope from the helicopter.

Everyone slid down the rope and onto the ground.

They probably arranged for Jiang Yao, a non-military woman, to be the last to descend because they wanted to look after her.

They continued to guard Jiang Yao as she reached the ground.

Jiang Yao was not afraid of heights; she clung to the rope and descended despite the lack of safety measures.

However, she still broke out in a cold sweat.

Only then did she realize how much she still had to learn.

The things Lu Xingzhi had taught her were still insufficient.

Fortunately, no one thought she was a hindrance.

Everyone was keeping a close eye on her to prevent her from falling halfway.

“Many thanks!”

Jiang Yao breathed a sigh of relief as her feet touched the ground.

“All of you, follow me,” she said.

Hearing Jiang Yaos words, the soldier behind her was ready to ask Jiang Yao to explain the precise location so that they could rush over and assist their comrades.

Before he could say anything, he noticed that the woman had already gotten ahead of them.

The girls figure had already entered the dense forest and was about to vanish in the blink of an eye.

Even the soldiers could not help but admire her speed.

It was no surprise that Chief Liang trusted them to follow her.

Even if she could not beat them, she could at least run at the same pace as them.

She could not possibly become a burden.

Jiang Yao moved at a breakneck pace.

A few minutes later, she noticed a scuffle in front of her.

Sergeant Ge and Zhou Junmin were still nowhere to be seen, so it should have been Sergeant Ge who took down the Red Garnet and a portion of his men to keep the soldiers pursuing him at bay.

However, Lu Xingzhi was well aware of their intentions and the fact that he had insufficient men.

As a result, Lu Xingzhi should have dispatched a team to pursue the other men from other locations so that there were not many people left behind.

The other party was clearly dragging Lu Xingzhi on purpose to keep him from leaving his men behind.

There were always crowds surrounding Lu Xingzhi.

Initially, the situation was bleak because Lu Xingzhi had brought far too few people.

After a long stalemate, the situation abruptly changed when Jiang Yaos people arrived.

Jiang Yaos group had just gotten off the helicopter and had not yet exhausted their physical strength.

They had a natural advantage over those who had climbed the mountain for a long time.

Lu Xingzhi and the others immediately felt more at ease with the addition of their backup.

Lu Xingzhi was eventually liberated from the siege.

He exhaled a sigh of relief and took two steps backward.

When he saw Red Garnet being dragged by one of their enemies, he was desperate to find a way to break through the siege and save Red Garnet first.

He was startled to see a white figure scurrying over.

Then he heard the man cry out in agony, and the gun in his hand fell to the ground.

Lu Xingzhi did not have time to appear surprised.

That was his opportunity to save Red Garnet.

He charged forward with determination, firing at the man holding Red Garnets wrist.

Then he dragged the unconscious Red Garnet and handed him to his comrade beside him.

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