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Chapter 1428: Cant Protect Myself

“It must be hard for you to be worried about Zhou Junmin at this point.” Sergeant Ges voice came from behind Jiang Yao.

“I respect you because you, as a doctor, dared to participate in this mission.”

“I dont want the respect of a criminal.” Jiang Yao put her hands in her pockets.

Moe was in her pockets for the time being, but she did not want to let Moe make a move.

Sergeant Ge was a veteran.

His observation and abilities were many times better than those who were holding Red Garnet.

Therefore, she could not let Moe attack him so rashly, not to mention that so many people were there.

She was also afraid of exposing Moes identity.

After all, it was a chaotic battle, and it was a completely different situation from the one that was attracting the attention of everyone.

However, Jiang Yao still had some neurotoxin left, and there was not much left.

Sergeant Ge was waiting for an opportunity to get close to Jiang Yao.

That neurotoxin could only work on Ah Zhu for an hour.

She was unsure how long it would affect a person like Sergeant Ge, but it should not be too long.

It would only take a few seconds for it to take effect, and a few seconds was enough for her to turn the tide.

“Now, all of you turn around and walk in front of us.” Sergeant Ge shouted at Lu Xingzhi.

“If anyone dares to walk behind me, just wait to collect your wifes corpse.”

“We need someone to take care of Zhou Junmin.” Jiang Yao frowned.

“I cant protect myself anymore, so I cant take care of him.” Sergeant Ges voice was cold and hard.

Jiang Yao laughed lightly.

Once a person turned bad, they would be so detestable.

Sergeant Ge maintained a distance from Jiang Yao.

She had not been able to use the things in her hands, so she could not use the few things she had left.

She was afraid that Sergeant GE would find out and get angry.

Jiang Yao was not prepared to sacrifice herself.

Even if she replaced Zhou Junmin as a hostage, it was only because she had a chance to turn things around.

However, Sergeant Ge was a person who had received professional military training.

Jiang Yao would not have the chance to get close to him even as the helicopter landed.

Lu Xingzhi walked in front of them.

Every step he took was as heavy as stepping on Sergeant Ges bones.

At that moment, his body was horrifyingly oppressed.

The people walking beside him also lowered their steps, and their breathing slowed.

They had heard the rumors about the Jin City Armys Hades Lu.

However, it was not as good as their own experiences.

They learned how oppressive he could be if he did not restrain himself when they walked beside him.

However, everyone knew the reason why his emotions were so terrible at that moment.

His wife had a gun pointed at her head.

No one would be happy about that.

What shocked everyone even more was that the seemingly weak woman would take the initiative to trade herself for her comrade to protect them.

She was a woman.

She was supposed to enjoy the peace of her home, but she had become a comrade who fought alongside them.

She had many admirable abilities, but she was the one who used her judgment to help everyone find their target.

Hades Lus wife made all the men admire her.

The woman was even more fearless than them, but she did not even frown.

She was still strolling leisurely behind them.

Unbeknownst to them, she really thought she was taking a walk in her own home.

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