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Chapter 1455: Early Graduation

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“Early graduation” Professor Ouyangs eyes lit up.

“I can help you if you take my classes.”

He looked at Jiang Yao and said, “Is that your teachers advice Well, its a good idea.

If what youre learning now is what you know, its indeed a waste of your time.

“For now, Im not going to take the postgraduate entrance exam.

Im going to have a child first.

After I have a child, Ill think about my studies.” Jiang Yao wanted to graduate early because she wanted to have a child, and more importantly, she wanted to free up enough time to run her company.

That mission made her realize that money was important.

She had many people she wanted to help, but she did not have enough money.

The children at the orphanages in Rong County and children in remote areas were just some of the people she wanted to help.

If they took care of just one more person, many people would not go astray when they grew up.

If Ah Zhu had had someone to care and guide him when he was young, he might have been able to stay away from crime when he grew up.

She wanted more people to be able to read, receive education, understand the law, and avoid any bad eggs.

She wanted to set up primary schools in many places to help children without books.

The students might be able to rely on that knowledge to survive in the future.

Therefore, other than having a child, the most important thing for her was to earn money.

However, Jiang Yao did not tell Professor Ouyang that.

It would make people laugh if she said it out loud.

Professor Ouyang did not know about Jiang Yaos plans, so he was shocked when he heard Jiang Yao talk about wanting to have a child.

“How old are you Why are you already thinking about having a child Are you in a hurry Or is your husband in a hurry” Professor Ouyang was so angry that he almost stomped his feet.

He glared at Lu Xingzhi.

“Are you dragging Jiang Yao down with you You must think that youre old enough to want a child, so you ask her for a child first! ”

Professor Ouyang shook his head and said, “You cant do that.

Even though youre old, Jiang Yao is still young.

Its just a few years of postgraduate studies.

Jiang Yao will still be very young by then.

As for you, youll still be old in a few years.

Why are you in a hurry”

Lu Xingzhi turned his head away without even looking at Professor Ouyang.

He admitted that Jiang Yao was younger than him, but he was not even 30 years old.

Was he that old

“Professor, that is what the two of us have discussed.

I also want to have a child as soon as possible.” Professor Ouyangs reaction tickled Jiang Yao.

She looked at the gloomy old Lu.

She could almost feel Lu Xingzhis emotions then.

Professor Ouyang chuckled.

It was apparent that he did not believe Jiang Yaos words.

“The pilots condition is the most serious of all of you.

Now that he is in a vegetative state, who knows when he will wake up That boy is young, and he is the only son in his family.

Such a pity! Can you get your teacher to help”

“Can you show me his medical records, and then Ill look at them tomorrow”

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