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Chapter 1490: The Wild Child

After a pause, Lu Xingzhi said, “Even if you meet him, you are not allowed to look at him!”

They were men.

Lu Xingzhi knew that Ouyang Chenruis desire to chase after Jiang Yao was not just talking.

“Are you overthinking this”

Jiang Yao curled her lips.

“I told him that I am already married and that our relationship is very good.

Even if he had that intention before, he should have stopped long ago, right”

Lu Xingzhi would bet that Ouyang Chenrui did not intend to stop coveting his wife at all!

“Someone like Ouyang Chenrui is not chivalrous at all.

Perhaps he is like a madman in his bones when it comes to love.” Lu Xingzhi insulted Ouyang Chenrui again.

Jiang Yao muffled a chuckle.

“Dont worry; Ill head home to recuperate.

Hes in Nanjiang City, so we cant see each other.

Do you intend to stay in Nanjiang City, accompany me to school, and send me home personally Dont tell me that you want me to go home to recuperate to keep me away from him”

Well, she was only half right.

Lu Xingzhi did that because he was concerned for her health.

She was still not fully recovered, so he would not be at ease no matter where she was.

As the two of them talked, a commotion suddenly came from the next house.

It was the sound of a child crying, and there was also a woman scolding the child.

The houses were next to each other, and it was impossible not to hear the noises from the next house.

“Do you want to go take a look”

Jiang Yao withdrew from Lu Xingzhis embrace.

“Even though it sounds like a mother lecturing her child, we just moved here.

We can hear them, and shes at home right now.

If we dont go over, wont people say that were cold”

It was apparent that the child next door had been beaten.

“Lets wait and see.” Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao back.

Jiang Yaos words made sense, but people might say they were in a hurry to watch the show if they went over so quickly.

Zhou Weiqi ran out of the kitchen when he heard the noise.

He tried to eavesdrop.

It sounded like a mother scolding her son for being an idiot and being cheated by a wild child on the street every day.

In the end, even his clothes were taken! He had returned home naked, and his family was furious.

Zhou Weiqi was immediately amused when he heard that.

“How stupid is the child How could someone cheat him of his clothes”

Zhou Weiqi was so amused with something so trivial.

Then, he heard voices from the courtyard.

It seemed like the wild child who had tricked Commander Yes youngest son had been caught.

“Lets go take a look.” Liang Yueze threw the cigarette butt on the ground and extinguished it.

Then, he looked at Lu Xingzhi and said, “The wild child must not have been from the army.

If this gets out, it wont look good for the army.”

Well, it was just something childishly nonsense, or at worst, it was cheating.

Naturally, it was inconvenient for Liang Yueze and Zhou Weiqi to stick their toes into the matter.

As neighbors, it was perfectly fine for Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao to show some concern.

Even if Liang Yueze did not mention it, Lu Xingzhi was also prepared to head there anyway.

Their neighbors could scold their children all they wanted, but they had no business taking another child.

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