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Chapter 1519: Looking For My Eldest Grandson

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Lu clapped her hands and said, “Oh, you havent heard about that! Well, it is quite satisfying.

Your parents said that the womans attitude was so bad that they were furious with her.

She repeatedly went to your home to make trouble, so I didnt expect that she was an imposter! She was also a murderer!”


Lu was a little agitated when she said, “That woman is not your biological mother.

Shes your aunt.

That year, she killed her ex-husband, but she let your biological mother go to prison in her place.

She married someone else and had children with your birth mothers identity, who had gone to prison instead.

I heard that she was sentenced to 25 years in prison.”

Jiang Yao pursed her lips and pondered.

25 years Xie Qiuxiang is already in her 40s.

She might die in prison.

That woman had stolen her sisters life for 20 years, and she only had to go to jail for 25 years for that.

She had profited.

Jiang Yao thought,What will happen to Sun Xiaoshans sickly body after she finds out about that And what will happen to Sun Xiaoshans father

That had nothing to do with her.

Lu Xingzhi was not a talkative person, so Mrs.

Lu kept talking to Jiang Yao.

The two of them had so much to talk about.

After they finished talking about the Lin family and the Sun family, they started talking about other families in town.

They chatted all the way back home.

Once they arrived at the door, they saw the other Lu family standing at the door—it was Lu Weihua and his parents.

When Mrs.

Lu saw the three of them, her expression immediately turned stiff.

“It seems that we need to get dogs in the future.

Otherwise, everyone will come to our door.”

After she finished mocking them, Mrs.

Lu looked at the unwanted guests and asked, “Whats the matter”

“We want our eldest grandson back,” Mrs.

Lu said.

“Why are you looking for him here Is he hiding in my house Well, thats not right.

I heard that your new daughter-in-law had birthed you a cute granddaughter.

You must love her very much, and you must love your new daughter-in-law too, right”


Lu did not need to inquire about the Lu family at all.

Everyone knew what had happened with that family.

After all, there was no other family like them in the county.

Some time ago, Lu Weihuas new wife gave birth to a plump baby daughter.

That caused the mother a lot of trouble during the delivery and hurt her body.

The doctor said she might not get pregnant again.

Many people in the county cursed the Lu family behind their backs.

Those people did not want their grandson.

They chased their grandson and the grandsons mother out of the house to make way for a new daughter-in-law.

However, the new wife had given birth to a daughter, and she might not even be able to get pregnant again.

“Dont criticize us.

Your daughter-in-law is not a good person either.” Mrs.

Lu retorted.

“My daughter-in-law is a person and not an object.

She is a good person, and I love her very much.” It was as expected of a teacher.

She spoke more accurately than the average person.


Lu did not have any intention of getting angry.

“Im too lazy to waste my breath on you.

Return our eldest grandson to us.” Mrs.

Lu knew that she could not win against the other Mrs..

Lu in an argument, so she did not waste her breath.

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