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Chapter 1555: Not Giving Birth Anymore


Lu smiled.

“How is it not light Ive already removed all the oil.

Well, this is not Shu City.

The climate there is different from here.

Its good for you to eat more.

However, the condition here might not be suited to your body yet.

If you dont take care of yourself, itll be bad for your body if you continue to ignore good eating habits.

Youre a doctor; you should understand more about this.”

Cheng Jinnian carefully moved the bowl to the side when he saw Jiang Yaos bitter expression.

He seemed to be afraid that Jiang Yao would snatch his food, so he said, “Auntie, Sister must know the reason, but she cant do it anyway.

So, Auntie, you must control her.”

The corner of Jiang Yaos mouth twitched indiscernibly.

Did that little devil still pretend that she did not see how he protected his food

Was that what a person who came to beg for her forgiveness should do

He should have given the prawns and pork to her.

He did not know how to win peoples favor.

He only knew how to be an eyesore in the Lu household!


Jiang Yao looked up and asked, “Youve lived here for so many days.

When are you going to leave Arent you going to leave Are you going to stay until the New Year to get some cash gifts before leaving”

Cheng Jinnian lowered his head and ate the food in his bowl.

He did not say anything.

In any case, he was not going to leave.

Previously, he had been looking for Jiang Yao, his sister, to get closer to her.

Then, he enjoyed the excellent food and drinks there.

“You know, its only been a few days, and you cant stand it” Mrs.

Lu was amused by the two siblings.

Then, she looked at Jiang Yao, who had improved a lot in the past two days, and asked with a smile, “Then, what will you do after giving birth and going through confinement According to our custom, people who go through confinement dont put artificial seasoning in their food.

Its best not to put salt in it, and youre not even allowed to touch soy sauce.

What will you do then”

Before Jiang Yao could say anything, Mrs.

Lu continued to say, “According to the custom, when you give birth to your first child, you have to go through double confinement.

Its 40 days for the usual confinement and 80 days for double confinement.

Thats more than two months.

If you cant take it now, what will you do then For now, at least you can still walk around.

You can go wherever you want to go.

When that time comes, youll have to stay in your room.

What will you do then”

Jiang Yao felt that life was so scary just thinking about it.

She was silent for a long time before she replied gloomily, “Im not giving birth anymore.”

“Youre backing out now Who said that you wanted to give birth to more children Who was the one who said that Im still waiting for a group of grandchildren.” Mrs.

Lu did not hold back when she teased Jiang Yao.

She did not have the usual reaction of a mother-in-law who would get angry when she heard her daughter-in-law say that she did not want to have children.

Instead, she felt that Jiang Yaos reaction was adorable.

She was not worried that Jiang Yao did not want to have children anymore.

She knew how to read people.

Jiang Yao loved children.

“Is my sisters child going to call me uncle”

Cheng Jinnian suddenly asked.

“Then Ill be the elder.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Mrs.

Lu nodded and smiled.

“But after your sister graduates from college, well wait for another three years.”

“Ill be eight years old in three years, and Ill be an uncle at eight.” Cheng Jinnian looked pleasantly surprised.

“Then Ill definitely be the youngest uncle in the world!”


Jiang Yao burst Cheng Jinnians bubbles.

One of her childs uncles worked in the town, and the other was in Jindo City!

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