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Chapter 1561: Which Should I Wear

Lu Xingzhi finally saw how clingy Jiang Yao was that night.

The two of them chatted for a while, and when he saw the time, he urged Jiang Yao to shower and rest early.

Those on recovery should go to bed early and wake up early.

Jiang Yao was reluctant to go.

She whined until it was almost 10:30 before she said, with a smile, “Ill go take a shower and turn on the speakerphone! I can chat with you while taking a shower! ”

She did not give Lu Xingzhi any time to say no at all.

Then, she turned on the speaker on her phone and walked into the bathroom with a smile.

First, she went to wash the bathtub, then she filled it with water, and finally, she picked up her phone and went back to her room to open the wardrobe to get her pajamas.

“Take your shower, then call me after youre done.

Well chat until 12, and then youll rest.” Lu Xingzhi pinched his brows, and his voice became much lower.

“No! The speaker on my phone doesnt affect our conversation when Im taking a bath! If you hang up on me, I will not answer your calls for a year.” Jiang Yao even used threats.

When Lu Xingzhi did not say anything else, she continued to look at the pajamas in the closet while muttering, “Which one should I wear”

Jiang Yao had a lot of clothes in her closet.

She had so many pajamas they could fill a drawer.

Lu Xingzhi only had a few sets of clothes.

However, she did not buy most of them; Mrs.

Lu and Lu Xingzhi had bought them.

“Lu Xingzhi, I think youre a little perverted.” Jiang Yao opened a rarely opened cabinet and took out a set of pink and white pajamas.

“Why are all the clothes you bought for me pink This set of pajamas is even better.

Theres even a hat with a pair of rabbit ears on it!”

Before Jiang Yao got married, she knew that Lu Xingzhi had bought many things for her.

However, she was not interested in looking through them.

After they got married, she did not look through the wardrobe seriously.

She knew that the two drawers at the bottom contained the clothes that Lu Xingzhi had bought for her.

Therefore, she did not open them.

After her rebirth, she forgot about it.

She had only opened the top drawer on a whim.

There were simple pajamas in the drawer, and they were brand new.

“I thought it suited you at that time.” Lu Xingzhi was a little embarrassed after hearing Jiang Yaos explanation.

At that time, he was about to get married.

He was hot-headed too.

Every day, he had to go out to the county city to buy things for the wedding.

As long as he saw clothes and items that he thought Jiang Yao would like, he would buy them.

After a while, he had purchased a lot of things.

That habit continued until almost half a year into the marriage.

Jiang Yaos attitude toward him was so cold that he changed that habit.

He had bought too many things and piled them up, but it did not seem like she could wear or use them.

So, he changed his habits.

However, that habit reappeared not long after their summer vacation the previous year.

Lu Xingzhi was too happy when he saw Jiang Yao wearing the clothes he had prepared for her when she joined the army.

“Was I that childish back then” Jiang Yao asked with her lips pursed.

On the phone, Lu Xingzhi smiled but did not say anything, so she took out the pink and white checkered set in her hand and said, “Then Ill wear the bunny ears set tonight! Ah, what a pity! You cant see it.”

Of course, Lu Xingzhi could hear Jiang Yaos wicked and hypocritical words.

He could guess that she must have been smiling wickedly when she spoke as if she had succeeded in the little prank.

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