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Moe said that the two people had left the strongest scents in her room and the study, which meant they had stayed the longest in those two rooms.

Therefore, judging from the appearance of her room, the two intruders were not ordinary thieves.

They snuck into the Lu family, but they did not take anything.

Then, they had stayed in her room and the study room for a long time.

Were they there for her What were they looking for

“Arent you going to look if they took anything valuable”

Moe nudged Jiang Yao and meowed.


Jiang Yao was shocked by Moes meow.

She immediately looked down at Moe, thinking he had found something important or terrible.

Unexpectedly, Moe suddenly ran downstairs while meowing.

“I forgot to check if the braised chicken wings in the fridge are missing! Thats the most important thing!”

Jiang Yao was dumbfounded.

She wanted to stop Moe and tell him not to think too much about that.

Even if the fridge at home were missing, the braised chicken wings would still be there!

The first thing Moe treasured was the medal he received.

Then, it was the braised chicken wings and then the diamond toy that Jiang Yao had bought for him.

After Moe hurried downstairs, Jiang Yao wandered around the room alone.

When she reached a corner that extended out from the bedside table and found a bug the size of a dime, she was not surprised at all!

The two intruders were indeed not ordinary people!

Ordinary people could not obtain such a small bug with a high-tech camera even though the technology was not as advanced as it would be a decade later.

Even though the Internet had started to develop, it had not advanced to the point where it would be more than a decade later.

If they installed that thing there to monitor her, the two intruders would still be nearby.

Jiang Yao was also in a hurry to get rid of the bug.

She went to the balcony.

She only needed to use her eyes to see what everyone in the nearby houses was doing.

Five minutes later, Jiang Yao found the people she was looking for.

The two people were very close to her room indeed.

They were less than 500 meters away.

They were in a row of wooden bungalows on the east side of her balcony.

Those bungalows had been abandoned for many years.

The owner had built a new brick house not far away.

That was their old house.

Since it was abandoned, it was used to store some sundries.

The two intruders hid in a room in the corner.

It was not the most dilapidated room.

One of them held a black box and was fiddling with it to eavesdrop on the commotion.

He looked like he was not a local.

However, Jiang Yao could not make the same conclusion about the person next to him.

The first thing that came to Jiang Yaos mind was that they had been sent from abroad to spy on her.

Jiang Yao retrieved her phone from her pocket and sent a text message to Big Ke, informing him of the location of those two intruders.

She ordered Big Ke and Ah Lu to go and get them.

She would wait for Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu to sleep before she joined them.

Big Ke and Ah Lus mission was to protect her.

So, when the Lu family left to go to the town in the afternoon, Big Ke and Ah Lu followed them discreetly.

That was why they did not discover anyone entering the Lu familys home.

Jiang Yao thought that the two intruders must have been observing them for a long time before they finally found the perfect opportunity that afternoon..

They must have known that Ah Lu and Big Ke would be with her, so they could get into the house without anyone noticing them.

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