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Chapter 1579: You Interrogate Them

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He casually answered her question that morning, and Jiang Yao memorized Mrs.

Lus problem with arthritis.

The first thing she did when she arrived at the county was to go to the pharmacy to get medicine, and the first thing she did when she returned was to go to the kitchen to prepare the medicine.

Then, she guarded the kitchen for more than 40 minutes.

If she did not care about Mrs.

Lu, if she did not have enough patience, she would not have done all those things.

Jiang Yao crouched beside Mrs.

Lus feet and applied the medicine on her legs.

In Mrs.

Lus eyes, Jiang Yao was not a doctor but her own child.


Lu was satisfied even if Jiang Yao could not cure her arthritis.

“Thats because you and Dad treat me well.” Jiang Yao did not dare raise her head to look at Mrs.


The older womans exclamation made her feel a little guilty.

“When I got married to Xingzhi, I was still very immature.

However, you and Dad were very nice to me, especially you.

Even though you always nagged me, I know that you are very soft-hearted.

You have always been very nice to me.”

There was no flattery or fawning.

That was what Jiang Yao was thinking.

When she married into the family, Mrs.

Lu did not say anything to her and tolerated her for two to three months.

Later, when she saw that she was still the same, she could not help but nag at her.

Even though Mrs.

Lu had used some unpleasant words when she spoke with Jiang Yao, she still cooked for the sick woman.

Jiang Yao knew that Mrs.

Lu was a soft-hearted person.


Lu burst into laughter.

“To be honest, you did make me very angry the first year you were here.

We were afraid that you and Xingzhi would continue to be like that.

Fortunately, both of you have improved, and we no longer need to worry about you two.”

As a mother, she naturally felt that her son was perfect.

She had felt dissatisfied when Jiang Yao was not willing to marry Lu Xingzhi.

She always wondered if Jiang Yao had studied too much but was stupid enough to look down on her son.

Thinking of that, Mrs.

Lu also secretly rejoiced that she did not have a bad temper.

Otherwise, she would have lost such a good daughter-in-law for nothing.

The water was almost cold.

Jiang Yao let Mrs.

Lu soak her feet in it for a full 30 minutes.

Then, she sat down by their side, watching TV and talking with them.

Jiang Yao was very patient with her family.

She waited until it was ten oclock, when Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu had gone to bed, before she quietly left the house.

Big Ke and Ah Lu tied up the two intruders in their residence.

Big Ke and Ah Lu had rented a house in the town.

It was rather large and clean.

There was a cellar under the courtyard that the original owner used to brew wine.

Since the owner did not live there, the cellar was also empty.

Big Ke and Ah Lu threw the two intruders into the cellar.

When Jiang Yao arrived, Big Ke stayed in the house to guard it.

Ah Lu brought Jiang Yao down to the cellar to meet the two intruders.

“Director Jiang, I found two cell phones from them.

These are the phone numbers they called.

They are all international calls.

They are from YN.” Ah Lu handed the two cell phones in his pocket to Jiang Yao.

“YN” Jiang Yao pointed at the foreigner and asked, “Is he from YN”

Ah Lu nodded.

“From his accent, he should be from YN.

Should we start the interrogation now”

Jiang Yao searched the cellar and pulled a gray chair from the corner.

She blew on the dust on the chair and sat on it.

“You interrogate him, and Ill watch..”

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