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Chapter 1584: Trouble Them For A Few Days

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“Whats wrong with Grandma Liang” Jiang Yao immediately became worried when she heard that Old Madam Liang was hospitalized.

Old Madam Liang and Old Master Liang were very good to her and Lu Xingzhi, especially Old Madam Liang.

She was an old lady who did not put on airs and was incredibly kind to all of Liang Yuezes brothers.

“Its an old problem, hypertension,” Mr.

Liang said.

“What Hypertension” Jiang Yaos voice was too loud.

“How can it be hypertension Did she take the medicine I prescribed for her on time If she took it three times a week on time, she shouldnt have hypertension.”

Jiang Yao prescribed Old Madam Liang some medicine.

After she was discharged from the hospital, Jiang Yao changed the medicine to control Old Madam Liangs hypertension.

She also gave Old Madam Liang an injection when she was in the hospital.

Therefore, Jiang Yao thought that she should not have been hospitalized because of high blood pressure after taking the medicine for such a long time.

“She should have been taking it this whole time.

During the New Year, I heard that she felt much more relaxed after taking your medicine for a period,” Mr.

Liang replied.

“Is her condition serious If its serious, Ill go to Jindo City tomorrow to take a look at her.” Jiang Yao felt that there was no reason for her medicine to be ineffective if she kept taking it.

“How can you travel back and forth like that if your health isnt good” Mr.

Lu disagreed and said, “Dont worry, her condition isnt serious.

Why dont I take those two men now, and then Ill bring my mom here.

She can disturb the Lu family for a few days.

After my matters in Province A are done, Ill bring her back to Jindo City with me.

Is that okay”

“Alright.” Jiang Yao nodded in agreement.

After Mr.

Liang hung up the phone, he quickly ordered people to arrange for helicopters and arranged for some people to protect the Jiang and Lu families.

When Mrs.

Liang heard that Mr.

Liang would send Old Madam Liang to stay with Jiang Yao for a few days, she asked, “She is old and needs someone to take care of her.

Weve already disturbed the Lu family; we cant possibly ask Xingzhis parents to help take care of her, right Why dont we have Xiao Ya accompany her for a few days in town instead Even though Xiao Ya is temperamental, she takes care of people very well.

The old lady dotes on her, and Xiao Ya is a good child.

She gets along well with Jiang Yao.”

“Alright.” Mr.

Liang thought that his wifes words made sense, so he called Xiao Ya again.

After the call with Mr.

Liang, Jiang Yao turned around and told Big Ke about the whereabouts of the two people.

After Big Ke heard that, he also felt that Jiang Yaos arrangement was good.

“Its good that were sending them to the military.

They should be able to get more information from that tough guy.”

“You and Ah Lu take turns guarding the people in the cellar tonight.

Ill go back and rest for a while.” Jiang Yao rubbed her temple, which was slightly sore.

After all, she was not as healthy as her usual self.

That was why she promised Lu Xingzhi to return to his hometown to recuperate obediently.

She needed to be healthy.

Jiang Yao thought that she had been quiet when she returned to the Lu family.

However, she did not expect to see Mrs.

Lu sitting on the chair in her room when she entered the room.

She did not know how long she had been waiting for her.

“Mom, its already so late.

Why arent you asleep” Jiang Yao did not know how to react to that..

She braced herself and walked into the room.

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