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Chapter 1642: Something Big Had Happened

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If he could not even tell that it was intentionally caused, then Zhu Jiu would not have been assigned by the family head to manage the mine in YN.

Zhu Jiu had a headache.

So many days had passed, but the Zhu family members could not find any clues.

They had no idea who had done that.

However, it seemed that the mess was not over yet.

The Zhu familys men guarding the mine ran in panic.

Before they could see anyone, they heard them shouting that something terrible had happened.

“Master Jiu, something terrible has happened! Master Jiu, something big has happened! The army has completely sealed our mine! ”

The people outside ran in panic.

The moment they entered, they did not even have time to catch their breath before they hurriedly spoke, “Master Jiu, all of our mines have been sealed by the military.

The military said that our safety measures are not in place, and they want to inspect our mines.

They also said that the police received a report saying that many people were buried in the explosion.

The police asked the military to save them.

The military and the police took our ores too.

They also said that those rocks buried those people.

They must find the victims!”

Zhu Jiu roared, “Besides our own miners, why would there be any other people There were so many explosions, but not a single person was buried in it.”

“Master Jiu, the military and the police are taking this opportunity to rob us of our ores! What should we do if they take away our ores by truckloads Thats a lot of money!”

“What should we do What should we do All of you are only asking me what to do.” Zhu Jiu raised his hand and slapped them.

“Why should I feed you guys”

The Zhu family was already in a terrible state after the mines exploded.

When the mines were sealed, the military and the police said they would dig into the mountain to save the victims, but it was clear that they were there to rob them!

The Zhu family had a status in YN, but no matter how powerful their grandfather was, he could not be stronger than the military!

Zhu Jiu scolded his subordinates and angrily called his father in Ping City.

A few days ago, Zhu Jiu was afraid that the Zhu family would hold him accountable, so he covered the explosion at the mine and did not plan to report it to the family head.

Many people in the Zhu family were keeping an eye on the YN mines.

If he made a slight mistake, his position would be stolen, even if his father was the head of the family.

However, in just a few days.

The Zhu family thought that Zhu Jiu would not be able to keep his position.

The Zhu family head received a call from Zhu Jiu.

He learned that the YN mines were sealed, and there was a risk that it would fall into the hands of the military.

The Zhu family heads hand holding the phone was instantly drained of all strength.

The Zhu family was no longer as prosperous as they were a hundred years ago.

Even though the Zhu familys inheritance was huge, the most profitable mines had always been the YN mines.

It was the Zhu familys jewelry business.

The Zhu familys mines in YN were a massive support for the Zhu familys jewelry business.

It was because of those mines that the Zhu family was able to expand their jewelry business over the past few hundred years.

After several generations of management, the Zhu familys jewelry company was prosperous and famous.

If the mines were sealed, it would be equivalent to cutting off the Zhu familys resources..

The loss of the mines would directly affect the Zhu familys jewelry company.

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