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Chapter 1643: He Still Has The Cheek To Come Here

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The jewelry company was the face of all the Zhu familys companies.

It was their brand.

“Take a trip to Master Sens residence with a gift.

Master Sen must be able to find information that we cant.” The Zhu family head thought for a long time and asked Zhu Jiu to go to Master Sen for help.

“Master Sen has been in a bad mood recently.”

Zhu Jiu thought of Master Sens expression when he met him on the street a few days ago.

Zhu Jiu was not very willing to go to Master Sen.

He said, “Father, you should know about the news in the country, right” That woman was snatched from Master Sens hands.

Because he had lost that woman, Master Sen had been gloomy these few days.

He has been hiding that woman, and his political enemies have also recently used that matter to attack him, accusing him of harboring evil intentions and wanting to stir up a dispute between the two countries to destroy the relationship between the two.”

“If I tell you to go, then go! When you see Master Sen, as long as his conditions are not too harsh, you will agree to them.

Even if Master Sen wants half of the Zhu familys mines, you will agree to that!” The Zhu family heads voice was gloomy.

“If we cant get Master Sen to help us, Im afraid the Zhu family will be finished!”

After saying that, the Zhu family head hung up the phone and sat there as if paralyzed.

The Zhu family had always been well-received by the YNs military and police.

Nothing like that had ever happened before.

He had wanted to cooperate with Master Sen.

Not only would he be able to make more money with the neurotoxin, but he could also tie the Zhu family and Master Sen through that cooperation.

He had even tried to find a way for Zhu Qianlan to give birth to a son with Master Sen to cement the relationship between the two firmly.

Master Sen was a wealthy and ambitious man.

That was also why the Zhu family head insisted on cooperating with Master Sen.

Master Sen had also secretly sent people to the county to look for Jiang Yao.

The Zhu family head knew about it, but he did not expose it.

As long as Master Sen got what he wanted, the Zhu family could sit and wait for profits.

The result, however, surprised the Zhu familys head.

The Divine Doctor was dead, and the people that Master Sen had left in the county were all evacuated overnight.

Ever since the night that Master Sens men evacuated, the Zhu family heads heart has been hanging in the air.

That day, it finally confirmed all of his worries.

The background behind that female student was probably more powerful than he had expected.

Zhu Jiu hung up the phone, and he was silent for a long time.

Those who managed the mines were not useless people.

Zhu Jiu could hear other meanings from the words.

He knew that the Zhu family might be finished with just one sentence from the family head.

The ones who were going to be destroyed should not be the Zhu family from Ping City but the Zhu family from YN.

If that continued, the Zhu family would abandon Zhu Jiu next!

Zhu Jiu took the most valuable things that he had.

One of them was an extremely high-quality jade ornament.

The original stone of that ornament was from the mine, and then he designed and made it himself.

His love for that ornament was so great that he did not even want to give it to the Zhu family head as a birthday present.

However, he had to give it to someone else.

In a manor that was much bigger than the Zhu family villa, Master Sen was even angrier than Zhu Jiu.

When he heard the servant say that Zhu Jiu was there for a visit, Master Sen said, “He still has the cheek to see me No! Tell him to get lost! ”

When the servant was about to leave, Master Sen quickly changed his mind and sneered..

“Bring him in.”

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