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Chapter 1646: Gone Too Far

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“I received a report from Master Chengs people.

If I keep someone around to observe the Cheng familys young miss, I will not be able to get anything from MD Country! Even MD Countrys Boss Li has to respect Master Cheng.

Master Chengs daughter has grown up to be a regular girl in a little town”

“Is there any need for you to stay in this world if the Zhu family is so useless The powerful prey on the helpless.

A useless family like yours should have been wiped out long ago.

Why should I put in so much effort to help a bunch of idiots”

Even though Master Sen had suffered numerous setbacks, he could easily secure the Zhu familys mines if he so desired.

However, why would he do such a thing

He did not give a d*mn about a few mines!

Why did the Zhu family think it was worth it for him to assist them

“That is not right! Master Cheng has only two sons! His eldest son is already in his twenties.

Master Chengs second son is always by his side.

He is only five years old.

We had no idea Master Cheng had a daughter! Master Chengs firstborn son was born to his ex-wife, and his second son was born to the current Madam Cheng,” Zhu Jiu stated emphatically.

“Master Cheng had been in prison before marrying the current Madam Cheng.

He cant possibly have a daughter as old as Jiang Yao!”

“Madam Cheng must have given birth to Master Chengs child.” Master Sen clicked his tongue and muttered, “You didnt even realize he has a grown-up daughter.

Where did you obtain the confidence to work with me”

Master Sen would not have dispatched men to observe Jiang Yao and arranged for Pan Peng to appear if he had known Jiang Yao was Master Chengs daughter.

Master Sen reasoned that Master Cheng must have loved his daughter, and that was why he shielded her flawlessly.

No one knew about her ties with the Cheng family, but Master Cheng was able to rally members from YN to her side.

“We are still unable to determine the true cause of Zhu Qianlans death.

You mentioned the woman.

Why dont you believe Master Chengs men murdered Zhu Qianlan Why would Master Cheng allow such a person to exist in the world if she intended to murder his daughter”

Zhu Jius face became pallid.

Master Chengs men most likely caused the explosion in the mines.

He did not forget that Master Cheng and the military were also involved in the Zhu familys mine accident.

When Master Chengs men intervened, the military must have exploited the situation.

“Take your things and go.

I loathed fools.” Master Sen issued the directive without mercy.

He pushed the ornament with his palm as he looked at it.

Then, he hurled Zhu Jius priceless adornment on the ground.

The item shattered into pieces as it plummeted to the ground with a thud.

When Master Sen saw Zhu Jiu suppressing his rage, he laughed mockingly and left.

Zhu Jiu put up with the humiliation and gathered the fragments on the ground.

Then he carried them out of Master Sens house.

“Master Sen, you have gone too far! If you do not wish to assist us, then so be it.

You didnt have to break that!”

Zhu Jius subordinates were likewise enraged.

Even a bystander felt his heart cry as he witnessed such excellent jewelry break into pieces, let alone Master Jiu.

The value of the fractured ornament would be substantially lowered, not to mention that there were relatively few decoration pieces of such high quality and size.

Master Sen did not want it, and he even broke it on purpose..

Master Jius dignity broke as the ornament shattered.

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