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Chapter 1648: General Min Pang

The housekeeper wiped his sweat with his hand.

“Otherwise, they will make Master Zhu go to the International Court of Justice.”

Zhu Jiu stood there, unable to give any reaction to those soldiers.

It was right for him to prepare to escape, but it was a pity that it was too late.

Those people did not give him any time to prepare, nor would they provide the Zhu family a chance to catch their breath.

The soldiers left after passing on the message.

That was YNs territory, and they were not afraid of what Zhu Jiu would do.

They knew what valuable things the Zhu family had there.

Killing them was nothing more than that.

In another small town in that city, there was a table and a tea set on the table in Carls home.

The evening breeze gently blew the aroma of the tea in the teacup.

“It seems that General Min Pang likes this tea very much.

When our boss is free, well get him to bring you some tea leaves.

I heard from our boss that tea leaves are abundant in the south of his country, and the taste is different in every place.” Ruan Yongjun had seen Lu Xingzhi brew tea before.

Therefore, when he brewed tea for Min Pang, he was imitating Lu Xingzhis movements.

Even though he could not fully imitate Lu Xingzhi, he was much better than Carl.

“I like the cultures in their country.

Their history is long, so I can afford to savor it in detail.” Min Pang was not stingy with his praise.

Then, he made a considerable comment.

“Your tea-making skills are not good.

You wasted that pot of good tea for nothing.

I am very curious about your boss now.

I wonder when I will be able to meet him.”

“Our boss has not been well recently and is recuperating.

If there is a chance in the future, our boss will definitely come to visit you in person.” Ruan Yongjun would not reveal Lu Xingzhi.

“They are in the military.

Unless theres a special situation, they will not be able to leave the country.”

However, it was different if it were Jiang Yao.

Although she was a military wife, she did not have as many restrictions as Lu Xingzhi.

Furthermore, Jiang Yao was Carl and Ruan Yongjuns boss.

The two mines belonged to Jiang Yao.

It was unknown if Min Pang was trying to probe for anything or if he was interested in Ruan Yongjuns boss.

When he heard Ruan Yongjun mention that his boss was not feeling well and was recuperating, he took the opportunity to offer to greet the other party over the phone.

Ruan Yongjun and Carl were caught off guard by Min Pangs request.

They had not told Jiang Yao about what had happened to them recently.

Previously, Young Master Lu had told them that if things really got to that point, they did not need to report them to Jiang Yao so that she would not worry about it.

However, General Min Pang had offered to make a phone call, and Ruan Yongjun could not find any reason to refuse him.

After thinking about it, Ruan Yongjun felt that even if he had not informed Jiang Yao in advance, there should not be any problems with Jiang Yaos reaction.

So, Ruan Yongjun gave Jiang Yao a call in front of Min Pang.

After Jiang Yao picked up the call, he quickly said, “Director Jiang, Carl and I have arranged for people to blow up the Zhu familys mines.

After that, General Min Pang will help us seal their mines.

With General Min Pangs help, Zhu Jiu will probably have to worry about the compensation for environmental damage and the funds for the military and police to assist in the rescue.

General Min Pang knows you havent been well recently, so he wants to talk to you personally.

General Min Pang is concerned about your condition..”

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