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Chapter 1720: Take It And Eat It

He surprised Jiang Yao, who instantly lowered his shoulder to stop him.

What a joke! The Blue Teams command center was only 100 meters away.

Who knew when the Blue Team would show up They would not be able to explain themselves if anyone saw that!

Lu Xingzhi seemed unconcerned with Jiang Yaos punch.

In any event, he hugged her hard and kissed her to soothe his day-long need for her.

He licked her lips and let go of her once he had kissed her sufficiently.

He took her small hand, which she had been pounding on him for a long time, and murmured quietly, “If you hit me again, I will break it!”

Jiang Yao panted heavily and gazed about with skewed eyes.

She was so enraged that she locked her gaze on Lu Xingzhi.

“I am going to beat you to death!”

“Do you believe you can break me” Lu Xingzhi scoffed mockingly.

“You didnt even break when you were aroused.

What can you do to me with your meager strength I am just saying you are going to squish the food I brought you.”

Lu Xingzhi reached inside his left pocket and opened it.

He took two peaches the size of a childs fist from his pocket.

Then he pulled out a yellow pear about the size of a peach.

Those two items appeared in Lu Xingzhis hand almost instantly.

It was almost like magic.

“Take it and eat it.”

Lu Xingzhi stuffed the two peaches and a pear into Jiang Yaos hand.

You constantly eat like us.

Can you take it”

“Where did you get these”

Jiang Yao had been eating dry food and drinking water daily since arriving at the mountain.

She was sick of it.

She was a sensitive person.


Lu prepared good food for her in various ways at home, and she ate quite well at school.

Lu Xingzhi strived to get better food for her as he hoped she would eat more.

She had no choice but to suffer while she was on the mountain.

She had, after all, left her sensitive disposition to her family.

She had to be sensible once she left home.

She was not like Jing Mengjie and Li Hong, who would complain for hours about the food they ate.

She did dislike the dry rations.

As a result, she had been fasting for a few days to cope with her stomach.

So, when Jiang Yao saw the fruits, she was ecstatic.

“Where do you think”

Lu Xingzhi extended his hand and tapped Jiang Yao on the nose.

“Why do you talk so much when there is food”

He walked her to the side of the stream after kissing her.

He told Jiang Yao to wash the peaches and pears by the stream as he lowered his head to fill his and Jiang Yaos water bottles.

After washing them, Jiang Yao tasted the peaches.

She squinted her eyes because they were sour.

“They are extremely sour,” she said.

Lu Xingzhi noticed Jiang Yaos expression for the first time.

She was so grumpy that her entire face wrinkled like an old granny.

Her eyes were nearly closed.

“Give me a taste,” Lu Xingzhi said.

Jiang Yao gave him the peach, but Lu Xingzhi moved in and kissed her on the lips.

She felt his tongue delve into her lips before she could react.

He caught the tip of her tongue for a few seconds before wrapping the peach pieces that she had barely chewed into his own mouth with the tip of his tongue..

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