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Chapter 1809: Dont Take It

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Youre back” Jiang Yao raised her head and looked at Lu Xingzhi when she heard the door open.

Her smile was especially gentle when she saw him.

“What are you looking at”

Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao and Moe were not watching TV from their posture.

A cat and a woman crouched in front of the TV and looked at something on the ground.

Lu Xingzhi walked in and realized that they were newspapers.

“Did you go out this morning” Lu Xingzhi asked.

“Twent out not long after you did.

I went to the library and borrowed some books and newspapers.

Didnt you say that you would take me to see the desert I wanted to look at some materials in advance, so I went out to look for them.” Jiang Yao pointed at the newspapers and books she had spread on the


She and Moe had been sitting on the sofa in the same position, but later, they could not stand the heat anymore, so they moved to sit on the floor.

Lu Xingzhi saw her and Moe like that when he came into the room.

Lu Xingzhis eyes had a hint of a smile, but her reaction made him very happy.

She was so curious about the place that he would take her to, which showed that she was also looking forward to their trip.

“Look, if you see anything you dont understand, or if you really want to go, tell me.

Im going to wash my hands and cook.” Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and took two apple slices from the plate beside Jiang Yao and put them into his mouth.

Jiang Yao must have taken the apples from the refrigerator not

long ago, so they were still cold.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Jiang Yao, sitting on the ground barefoot, and then took the whole plate into the kitchen.

He did not say a word.

Moe reached out with his soft claws to pat the back of Jiang Yaos hand until Lu Xingzhis figure disappeared into the kitchen.

He said, “Your man took your fruits away.”

“Tm not blind.

I saw it.

You dont need to remind me.

And Im not surprised at all.

If I had known that he would come back so early, I wouldnt have bothered to do it.” Jiang Yao snorted, knowing that Lu Xingzhi would definitely keep an eye on her for the next few days.

“You did it” Moe spat.

“You only peeled it.

I had to use my claws to slice them.

But I only ate two slices.”

‘Moe was angry that Jiang Yao used its claws as a fruit knife again.

She was already so lazy that she did not even want to use a fruit knife.

“Go and complain to him.

If you want to eat, go to the kitchen and take it out again.” Jiang Yao put the book on the ground and poked Moes head.

“A traitor like you has no right to shout at me.”

“If it werent for the fact that you protected me with no regard for your own safety, I would have scratched you to death.” Moe slapped the newspaper with his claws.

“I want to read it too.

Dont take it!”

Jiang Yao nodded and stood up.

She said, “Then you must remember it for the rest of your life.

Otherwise, you might often want to scratch me to death.”

Then, Jiang Yao picked up the newspaper and covered Moes body with it.

When Moes hand struggled with it, she felt amused and went to the kitchen.

Lu Xingzhi did everything orderly, even when he was cooking.

‘When Jiang Yao went in, he had already washed the ingredients for lunch and was ready to put them into the pot.

Jiang Yao said, “After you went out, some women came over to our house.

They wanted to console me after they learned that I was kidnapped.

Colonel Yes daughter was also here, but she did not come in.

It seemed that she just took one look at me and left..

Is she the same girl who talked to you when I

called you last time”

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