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Chapter 1855 A Little Tricky

Chen Feitang had already been transferred to the Lanning army base, so Jiang Yao was not surprised when they saw her the following day.

She did not mind that version of Chen Feitang, compared to the previous one who had insisted on stabbing her in the back.

The other woman only exchanged a glance with her.

She did not even bother to greet her.

She could not say whether she hated Chen Feitang, so she did not know whether she forgave her or not.

The conditions in the Lanning army base were terrible.

It was like what Lu Xingzhi had said.

The wind carried fine sand, and when it blew on Jiang Yaos face, her delicate skin hurt so much that she wanted to cry.


Lu, did you bring a scarf Wrap it around your face.

Just uncover your eyes.

All the ladies in Lanning dressed like that.

Otherwise, you might get sunburned.

Youll look really ugly when the skin peels off,” the young soldier said.

He was there to bring Lu Xingzhi to meet the First Battalions commander.

He was advising Jiang Yao about her trip to Lanning.

“Please put it on.”

Lu Xingzhi had personally put Jiang Yaos scarf into her suitcase.

Lu Xingzhi had brought all kinds of colorful scarves to match her clothes.

He also reminded her to use one before they left the hotel.

Jiang Yao did not hesitate.

She quickly took the scarf out of her backpack and wrapped it around herself to cover up.

She would rather be comfortable than worry about how she might look.

“We used to have very little water here, but things have gotten much better in the past few months.

The government has spent a tremendous amount of money building a water supply project to draw water from the nearest city.

So now, living in Lanning is much more enjoyable.

Even though the conditions here are harsh, the people here are very kind and simple.

When they see us walking out of the army base, they are very friendly toward us.

If it were not for the Martyrs Mausoleum, I wouldnt have believed that the place used to be like that.”

The First Battalions commander walked toward them.

When he heard that, he sneered, “A rational person would be grateful to the soldiers.

If it werent for the soldiers, if it were not for the Martyrs Mausoleum, they would still be fools.

Some might light a fire on themselves and think that they would be reborn and live forever.

Some even thought that they would be able to cultivate and become immortals without eating or drinking.”

After ridiculing those people, the commander patted Lu Xingzhis shoulder and formally greeted him.

“Lu Xingzhi, I have long heard of your name.

I thought youd get to have a good time in Lanning, but theres a change of plans.

You will probably have to spend more time here.”

“Did something happen” When they drove to the army base, Lu Xingzhi thought that everything was under strict control.

He did not think that was normal.

“Its a tricky situation.”

The First Battalions commander nodded.

“Yesterday, the police received a report that there was a bomb at the railway station.

When we rushed there, the bomb had already exploded.

Fortunately, only two people were slightly injured.

The police told the people that there was a gas leak, and we are still trying to investigate it.

However, that incident set off a few alarms.”

“They havent caught the perpetrators” Jiang Yao asked.

The First Battalions commander said, “No, we caught them.

We only used two hours to drag them out of the train station.

However, we managed to pry some information out of their mouths.

They seemed pretty organized.

The bombs were homemade.

Their only purpose was to cause panic.”

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