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“Then, what do you want to do if you dont want to go back to school” Lu Yuqing spoke again, but this time, she sounded gentler because she could sense the sincerity in Jiang Yaos remark.

Jiang Yao took a moment to glance at Lu Xingzhi and slowly said as everyone at the table was waiting for her answer, “This year, I want to stay at home and make a baby!”

“Puff! Cough cough!”

Lu Xingzhi choked on a mouthful of rice and coughed out the rice, his face flustered and blood-red.

Jiang Yao was surprised and quickly passed her bowl to him.

“Hurry up and drink some soup!” She patted Lu Xingzhis back gently and glanced at him with a frown, worried.

“Are you okay Catch your breath, breathe slowly.”

The other members at the table were dumbstruck.

Everyone was looking at her with their eyes wide and their mouths agape.

Jiang Yao did not expect Lu Xingzhi to have such a tremendous reaction to her remark that he would choke on his food.

After a while, Lu Xingzhi shook his head to indicate he was feeling better.

He looked at the bowl of soup that he drank.

He took a second look and noticed that the bowl was Jiang Yaos.

The cutlery and utensils on the dining table in the Lu family were standard.

Each person had a bowl, a pair of chopsticks, and a spoon respectively.

It seemed that Jiang Yao was really anxious as she passed her bowl over to him in a hurry, with worry and concern written all over her pretty little face.

Lu Xingzhi concluded that his wife had really turned over a new leaf.

Previously, it would be his sister or parents who poured him water, and she would not let him touch her bowl at all.

“What did you just say You want to have kids” This statement was the most shocking discovery today.

“Are you saying that you want kids”

“Yes! Why Dont you want to” Jiang Yao asked him back, knowing full well that Lu Xingzhi wanted a child more badly than the anyone else in the family.

In the previous life, he might have been thinking about this until the day he died.

Hence, she decided that since she would spend another year retaking the exam, she might as well give him a child along the way.

She was sure that the family could afford a baby.

When she goes to college, she would leave the child with Mr.

and Mrs.


When they go to work during the day, they could hire a babysitter to look after the child or ask for her parents help.


Lu regained her composure.

She was still surprised at the remark but she was over the moon.

It wasnt because she was eager to have a grandchild, but from Jiang Yaos sudden change of attitude, she could sense that Jiang Yao had changed.

She was no longer as indifferent to Lu Xingzhi as she had previously been.

“You guys go ahead, Jiang Yao, come with me!” Lu Xingzhi exclaimed as he slammed down the bowl.

He growled at Jiang Yao, pulled her by the arm, and went to the yeard.

Lu Yuqing watched as Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao went out of the house and to the yard.

She shuddered and said to Mrs.

Lu sitting next to her, “D*mn, I think my brother will scold Jiang Yao out there.”

“That silly boy.” Mr.

Lu chuckled.

“Yes, I think hell scold her like one of his subordinates.

Dont mind them, lets eat.

Let them take care of their own business.”

Jiang Yao walked to the yard behind Lu Xingzhi.

At this time, the scorching sun was hanging right above their heads and the yard was hot.

Moreover, she could feel an enormous force emitting from Lu Xingzhi but it didnt feel like a rage of fury.

Hence, she was a little confused about what his feelings were right now.

Indeed, Lu Xingzhi was worried that the sun would be too hot for Jiang Yao, so he took her to stand under the grapevine.

He turned around, glared at Jiang Yao, and asked coldly, “What were you thinking”

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