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Lu Xingzhi hugged Jiang Yao gently, his heart filled with fear.

Suddenly, he did not know what to say.

“Its hard to have both in this world, so I can only sacrifice your child.”

Jiang Yao softly repeated that sentence from the suicide note and raised her head to look at Lu Xingzhi.

“Whats the matter with Sergeant Hus father He wanted to hurt our baby Is there another reason What is it The truth behind those words must be why Sergeant Hus father wanted to hurt our baby.”

“Well find out eventually.”

Lu Xingzhi looked at a frowning Jiang Yao and said, “Well find out.”

“We must find out the truth to give justice to those two children who died.” Jiang Yao bit her lip; she had a stubborn look on her face.

Even though Sergeant Hus father died, some things could not be resolved with his death.

Chu Sheng and Chen Xuyao went out for more than fivo hours.

They did not return until it was almost time for dinner.

Both of their faces were somewhat grave when they returned.

After opening the door, Chu Sheng glanced at Jiang Yao inadvertently.

Then, she went to the dining table after Chen Xuyao.


Lu might have always felt sympathetic toward Chu Sheng since she could not talk.

She took the initiative to approach Chu Sheng when she noticed she was trailing after Chen Xuyao.

“Its hot outside in the afternoon, isnt it Are you thirsty Do you want to drink some iced soda” Mrs.

Lu noticed that Lu Xingzhi had already helped Jiang Yao out of the bedroom, so she winked at Chu Sheng.

“Drink it quietly.

Dont let

Yaoyao see it.”

Jiang Yao, who had already walked into the living room, stopped in her tracks.

Although she was not in a good mood, she could not help but smile when Mrs.

Lu teased her.

“Mom, I heard that.

Jiang Yao stretched out her hand and poked Lu Xingzhis arm.

It was all because of that guy.

He claimed that if she saw any signs of soda, he would have to coax her for a long time.


Jiang, Mrs.

Lu, and the others believed him.

They avoided her whenever they drank soda at home.

“Even if you hear it, you wont get any.” Mrs.

Lu laughed before calling everyone to the dining table.

Then, she said to Jiang Yao, “I made some dumplings for you tonight.

Theres not much meat in them, only vegetables.

Please eat more.

You havent eaten much since you came back.

You seem to have lost weight in the past two days.”

For the past two days, Mrs.

Lu and Mrs.

Jiang had been racking their brains to make food for Jiang Yao.

Every day, they hoped that Jiang Yao would tell them what she wanted to eat.

However, Jiang Yaos appetite had been the same as she had been in the hospital.

She could not bring herself to eat much.

She could even throw up when she smelled something rich.

They did not serve any heavy meals those past few days because they wanted to support Jiang Yao.

Even if they cooked meat dishes, they mainly were stewed dishes..


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