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“I asked people to get Sergeant Hus fathers things and search through them.

We might find something useful,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“I found Sergeant Hus fathers diary.

He has a habit of keeping a diary.

Three days before he left for the army base, he wrote that he received a call from an unexpected old friend.

That call made him happy but also put him in a dilemma.”

Upon hearing the word dilemma, Jiang Yao immediately thought of the words in Sergeant Hus fathers suicide note.

The world was full of dilemmas!

“That must be the person who manipulated Sergeant Hus father to hurt me!”

Jiang Yao immediately thought of some key points.

“He was talking about an old friend.

Sergeant Hus father was also a soldier when he was young.

Could that old friend be a fellow soldier or maybe someone he met while he was in the military”

“He was happy to see the old friend.

It means that the person has not been in contact with him for a long time.” Lu Xingzhi agreed with Jiang Yaos guess.

“Therefore, we suspect it might be someone he knew when he joined the military.

We are investigating it now.”

Unfortunately, Sergeant Hus fathers home was flooded during the rainy season.

His previous diaries were soaked in the flood water, so he threw them away after that.

He also had a contact book, which was also damaged by the flood, and he threw that away as well.

His wife said that it had the contact information of many of her husbands old comrades.

Sergeant Hus mother said that when her husband saw the destroyed diaries and contact book, he sulked for a long time.

It was clear how much he loved the diaries and cherished his friendships with his old comrades.

Fortunately, it was not too long ago.

That call was still recorded in the phone records at the snack bar.

The boss also said that Sergeant Hus fathers expression changed when he picked up the phone.

However, at that time, everyone in the town knew that Sergeant Hu was taking his father to the army base, so when Sergeant Hus father picked up the phone, they thought that it was a call from Sergeant Hu.

However, his expression was not right.

They thought the father and son had quarreled, so they did not bother about it.”

If Lu Xingzhi had not personally gone to Sergeant Hus hometown, that matter would have been ignored.

Lu Xingzhi had already sent people to check the phone number.

Even if they found out that it was another public phone, they could still dig and search as long as they had a specific location..


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