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Chapter 2095: Joint Venture Company


Lu burst into laughter.

“With you around, your father and I wont need to worry then.”

Jiang Yao had a good personality and got along well with her sister-in-law, Lu Yuqing.


Lu did not need to worry about her daughter once she and her husband were gone.


Lu had been angry about her familys ill-intentioned matchmaking for Lu Yuqing.

However, she felt better after that.

She took the empty cup in Jiang Yaos hand and washed it.

Then, she told Jiang Yao to go back to the living room to wait for breakfast.

After that, she turned around and chatted with Mrs.

Jiang again.

When Jiang Yao returned to the living room, she saw that Lu Xingzhi and Mr.

Lu were sitting on the sofa talking.

She did not want to bother them, so she sat in the corner and flipped through the newly delivered newspaper.

However, just as she sat down, the side seat caved in.

Lu Xingzhi had unknowingly leaned over from the front and sat down next to her.

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes and ignored him.

She opened the newspaper in her hand and looked down.

She thought Lu Xingzhi would walk away when he saw her ignoring him.

She did not expect he would be so shameless as to grab her hand and wrap it around his big palm.


Lus eyebrows twitched.

He scolded Lu Xingzhi in his heart.

As long as Jiang Yao was in front of him, his eyes would not be able to bear to part with her for even half a second.


Lu did not think he was as clingy as Lu Xingzhi when he married his wife.

‘[Oh, right, your second uncle went to Jindo City.

He told me he had decided to set up a joint venture company with Jiang Lei.” Mr.

Lu suddenly remembered that he had not told Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi about that matter even though he had been in the army for so many days.

‘Xiaoxiao was terminated by her company.

She has not signed with another new company.

However, her current workload is more than when she was with the company.

“Fifth Brother told me about it that day.

He has a relative who owns an advertising firm,” Lu Xingzhi said.

‘[Brother helped Xiaoxiao find some work.”


Lu, who had just come out of the kitchen, heard about that and said, “That Zhou Hailan is really irritating.

I thought she was good when I saw her in movies.

I didnt expect her to be so bad in private.”

Lu Xingzhi said, “Second Uncle and Jiang Leis company will officially open in half a month.

When the time comes, I will go to Jindo City.

You can go with me.

I have a copy of the key to my house in Jindo City.

When you go to Jindo City, you can live there.

I will get someone to do the cleaning in advance.”

“That sounds good.”


Lu felt that Lu Xingzhis suggestion was not bad.

After dinner, Lu Xingzhi went out.

Jiang Yao was prohibited from leaving the house and was kept under the watchful eyes of Mrs.

Jiang and Mrs.


When she received a call from Luo Ruoran telling her that she was at the entrance, Jiang Yao was so shocked that her jaw almost fell off.

“Ill get Xingzhi to pick you up at the entrance.” Jiang Yao hung up the phone and hurriedly called Lu Xingzhi, who had just left the house.

About 20 minutes later, Luo Ruoran appeared at the door.

She came in with a child in her arms.

Her face looked rosy, and she seemed to be well.

When Mrs.

Lu and Mrs.

Jiang saw Luo Ruorans child, they could not put him down.

The two of them took turns hugging and teasing the child.

Luo Ruoran was happy and relaxed.

She pulled Jiang Yao to the bedroom, and the two started to talk..

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