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Chapter 2129: Going For A Few Days

“Im not worried.” Jiang Yao casually brushed the strands of hair on her forehead.

She was not worried that the case would not be solved unless all the good-for-nothings in the police station were helping Li Hong.

However, that possibility did not exist because Lu Xingzhi would not allow that to happen.

Jiang Yao said, “Lets talk to Big Ke later.

After Li Hongs family has gone to the police station to complete all the statements, there is no need to detain her.

Let Li Hong go home.

Then, get someone to keep an eye on her and see who she will meet or call.

Li Hong may be so scared when she comes out of the police station that she wants the documents back.”

“You can start using Li Hongs network to find the buyer.

The majority of individuals seeking these kinds of documents are also from medical research institutions.

Li Hong is a university student studying medicine.

Check on her classmates.

See if any of her university peers are employed by research organizations.” Jiang Yao believed the likelihood of Li Hongs buyer being a classmate was higher.


Ah Lu agreed and repeated what Jiang Yao had said to Big Ke.

The car stopped at the army base entrance.

When Jiang Yao got out of the car, she saw Lu Xingzhis figure.

It was lunchtime.

He was there waiting for her with an umbrella in his hand.

“Youre back”

Lu Xingzhi opened the umbrella as soon as he saw her and gave it to Jiang Yao.

“Its hot in the afternoon.

Do not get too sunburned; hold on.”

Ah Lu mocked him.

“Young Master Lu is so considerate.” Then, he drove off.

“Mom told you to do this, right”

Jiang Yao smiled.

Lu Xingzhi would pick her up, but he would not have considered bringing her an umbrella.

Lu Xingzhi murmured his appreciation.

He disliked umbrellas, so he kept his hands in his pockets and followed Jiang Yao.

His steps facilitated Jiang Yaos penchant for moving slowly.

He took his time with her.

He would not show impatience, even though his face was sweaty.

Lu Xingzhi did not inquire further since he was aware of the circumstances at the police station.

Instead, he briefed her about his mission in seven days.

“How many days Jiang Yao stroked the tip of her nose and said quietly.

“It depends.

Im not sure yet, but it shouldnt be too long,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Theyve found some new clues since the last explosion at the Lanning Martyrs Mausoleum.

They asked me to go over and help.”

“Do you still recall the last time you attended a medical academic conference” Lu Xingzhi asked after a brief pause.

“Yes, why wouldnt I remember” Jiang Yao burst into laughter, “The organizers did not care about the Changkang Group.

Those old fellows from other research institutes also looked down on us.

Later, they all suffered heavy losses.”

“The authorities discovered some homemade bombs while performing the rescue.

They appeared to have been built in a manner and with a technique extremely similar to the homemade bombs that went off at the martyrs mausoleum,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“You mean you think the same group of individuals was responsible”

Jiang Yao was in disbelief.

“It is impossible, right One happened overseas, and one happened in our country.

Homemade explosives should be quite similar, right”

The technique of creating the homemade bombs was comparable, but Lu Xingzhi noted that if there were too many parallels, it would seem suspicious.

“Im going to Lanning to take a look.

After that, I might go abroad.”

Jiang Yao immediately frowned, but in the end, she did not say anything..

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