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Chapter 2136: How Can There Be Any Forgiveness

“Miss Jiang, its me.

Im Li Hong.

Im sorry.

I know I was wrong.

I shouldnt have touched your things.

I shouldnt have sold your things for money.

” Li Hong cried as she confessed.

“When I saw your letter that day, I really wanted to help you pick it up and give it to you when the time came.

I noticed that it was by the Changkang Group.

Even though I was curious, I did not have any ill intentions.

It was also a coincidence that I met a college classmate after I picked up the letter.

He went to university to do some business.

He asked me to have dinner with her.

I took your letter with me.

On the way, I was accidentally bumped by a passer-by.

Your letter was thrown out of my bag.

When my classmate picked it up, he saw the Changkang Groups envelope.

He was very curious and said to open it to take a look.

I didnt know what I was thinking at that time, but I didnt reject it.”Please support our Bonnovel.com

Her cries became increasingly louder.

It was clear that she regretted her decision.

“After he opened it, he was very excited.

He said that I had found a treasure.

A pie had fallen from the sky for me.

He said he would give me money for your letter.

He also said that no one saw me taking your letter.

When the time comes, I shouldnt admit it.

I agreed to it in a moment of foolishness.” Li Hong cried and pleaded with her.

“Miss Jiang, Ive given the police my classmates contact information and the research institute where he works.

Ill give you all the money he gave me.

Please forgive me, okay If Im prosecuted, my life will be ruined.

Ill be expelled from the university, and Ill go to jail.

Miss Jiang, I know that I did something wrong.

I do know that.

I beg you to let me off this time, okay”

“VVhat if I dont” Jiang Yaos voice carried a hint of impatience.

“Li Hong, do you think youll be fine if you confess Do you believe youll be fine if you give me the money you received You sold the documents to someone else and leaked them.

Dont you understand what that means”

Even if most of the essential data in the careless interns documents were wrong, the leak would still significantly impact the team.

As long as the contents were related to the research, it would not matter if the data was wrong.

The person who took the files would recheck and test the results.

It was just a matter of time.

Jiang Yao had not seen the files yet, so she was unsure how important information was in them.

Forgiveness How could there be forgiveness

If she forgave Li Hong, then who would give an explanation to the people working under her Who would explain that to them

“Miss Jiang, Im begging you, please dont destroy my future.

In just a few short days, as long as the police recover the document, it wont impact you much.

Furthermore, its Changkang Groups things, not yours.

The group is a big company.

It doesnt matter if they lose something so small.

Youre also Professor Ouyangs right-hand man.

The company wont make things difficult for you because of Professor Ouyang.” Li Hong cried until her voice was hoarse.

“In just a few days If I were your classmate, I would have copied the documents to distribute and resell them! Li Hong, I didnt ruin you.

You did that.” Jiang Yao wanted to laugh..

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