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Chapter 2156: I Wont Go Anywhere

Of course, she was not going.

Who knew how deep Qian Yunen had dug in Yuan City to await her

Furthermore, Zhou Xiaocheng had passed away.

Never before were the dead more important than the living.

She needed to protect herself, as well as her baby.

As a result, she had to suppress her emotions and persuade herself to stay at the army base and wait for news.

Qian Yunen was young, but he was already unfathomable.

She was terrified, so she would not go to Yuan City.

Zhou Junmin tore the letter, and Jiang Yao pushed the matter to the back of her mind as well.

However, the appearance of that letter reminded Jiang Yao to be cautious asQian Yunen was keeping an eye on her.

Qian Yunen was like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark with its tongue sticking out to get Jiang Yao.

He was also extremely poisonous.

If she was careless and he found an opportunity to bite her, it would be a fatal event.

Cheng Jinyans news came back on the fourth day.

Li Hongs parents whereabouts have been discovered.

In such a short time, the family of four had settled in a small town in a small country.

“Li Hongs father had also deposited a large amount of cash in a local bank.

He rented a bank safe and hid two gold bars.

The family of four had a very comfortable life in that small town,” Cheng Jinyan said.

“Our people are now confirming whether people are guarding and protecting them.

When we are sure there arent, we will take action to bring that family back to the country.

“It seems like someone is burning money.”

Jiang Yao was at a loss for words to describe the person who gave money to the family.

How could he spend money in such a place

“There is also news in the country.”

Cheng Jinyan said, “The Cheng family investigated for two days and then asked two neighbors in the same building.

Before Li Hongs parents went abroad, they saw two tall and slightly dark-skinned men there.

The neighbor said that they were the sons college classmates.

They seemed to be from the northwest.

Not long after the two men left, the family went missing.”

“He spent a lot of money and effort just to do those meaningless things.

Jiang Yao did not understand.

“Is there something wrong with that persons brain”

“Who” Cheng Jinyan asked.

“Qian Yunen, the grandson of Jindo Citys Old Master Qian.

When something bad happened to me back then, there was a good chance Sergeant Hus father did it.

It caused me to stay at home to recuperate recently.” Jiang Yao gritted her teeth.

“I had been resting all day, and my bones were on the verge of collapsing.”

After saying that, Jiang Yao had a sudden thought.

“Dont tell me Qian Yunen is helping Li Hong Qian Yunen is a lunatic, a selfish lunatic.

Perhaps he could not harm my child through Sergeant Hus hands, so he deliberately spent some money to do those things to disgust me.”

The more Jiang Yao considered it, the more she believed it was possible.

“He is rich.

Qian Yunen clearly has a lot of money.

Even if he squandered his money like water, he still had the backing of Old Master Qian.

He has connections abroad, so he might have earned some money and come home to do whatever he wanted.”

“Ill get someone to investigate Qian Yunens affairs abroad,” Cheng Jinyan said worriedly.

“Dont go out for a while.”.

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