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Chapter 2159: Tell Me

“Ill call Xingzhi again.

Maybe we can contact him.” Jiang Yao picked up her phone and called Lu Xingzhi.

However, she was angry that Lu Xingzhis phone was still switched off.

“Still switched off Then call the person you know and ask them, “Mr.

Jiang said.

Jiang Yao did not hesitate and called Chen Feibai instead.

Chen Feibai and Zheng Yi were volunteers at the border.

The two of them were still bickering like enemies every day.

It would be unpleasant for them to stay together.

One had a mean mouth, and the other had a vicious tongue.

They would not give in to each other.

They were on equal footing.

Chen Feibai had already lost his gloomy look when the accident happened after enduring the most difficult period, or rather, after staying at the border for some time.

He had returned to being Young Master Chen.

Jiang Yao called out after the call was connected.

Instead of hearing Chen Feibais voice, she heard a roar from an unknown wild beast.

Her phone almost trembled on the ground because she was so terrified.

Chen Feibais arrogant laughter came from the phone after the wild beast had finished roaring.

“Are you scared Do you recognize the animal “Thats Little Flower, my new mount.”

“Little Flower”

Jiang Yao had the impression that the cry she had just heard was not that of a pet, such as a kitten or a dog.

“A golden leopard,” Chen Feibai replied.


“Your taste is truly enticing.

You named a powerful golden leopard Little Flower” Jiang Yaos contempt for him was unmistakable.

“Its not a bad name.

Youd like this name if you heard the name that Zheng Yi came up with.”

Jiang Yao overheard Zheng Yi yelling at Chen Feibai on the phone as soon as Chen Feibai finished speaking.

However, because they were so far apart, Jiang Yao could not hear what Zheng Yi said.

There was one word, however, that she could still make out.


She was probably scolding Chen Feibai for being stupid.

Even after being chastised, Chen Feibai remained calm.

“Zheng Yi wanted to name it the God of Wealth!”

Chen Feibai put his sloppy attitude aside after teasing Zheng Yi and asked, “What is the matter

It is unusual for you to call me.

You must need something.

What is it”

Jiang Yao was embarrassed by Chen Feibais words, but it was the truth.

Chen Feibai and Zheng Xinyi had been out for so long.

If they did not call her, she would not remember to call them to ask how they were doing.

“I do need something.

I want to ask you for Chen Feitangs phone number.” After Jiang Yao said that, she felt embarrassed and chuckled softly, “Then, Ill also ask how you two have been doing recently.

Its not too late for that, right”

“Why do you want Chen Feitangs cell phone number Did that woman do something again What did she do” Chen Feibais mouth was still as vicious as ever, especially toward Chen Feitang.

He was even more merciless.

“No.” Jiang Yao quickly said, “She has been transferred to the Lanning, right I have something to ask her.

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