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Chapter 2281: That Doesnt Count

Madam Cheng took that years birthday very seriously because it was the first birthday she could spend with Jiang Yao after finding her.

With only a few days left, she called Jiang Yaos mother to discuss Jiang Yaos birthday.

“Madam Cheng expressed an interest in attending your birthday celebration at the army base.

Is that okay Yaoyao, why dont we sit down and have a meal together for your birthday” Jiang Yaos mother suggested.

Jiang Yao came to a complete halt.

Her toes were circling the ground.

She appeared unconcerned as if she was seriously considering the question.

Lu Xingzhi stepped forward, one hand on Jiang Yaos waist.

He was afraid she would trip herself later because of her absent-mindedness.

“Silly child, what are you saying I am happy, no matter what.

Most importantly, you have to be happy.” Mrs.

Jiang smiled.

“If my daughter is happy, Im happy.”

“Okay, then.” Jiang Yao coquettishly hugged her mother.

“Then I will agree to that.

Dont be jealous in the future and tell me someone is stealing your grandson.”


Jiang smiled with relief as Jiang Yao agreed.

Being envious was a different story.

It made her happy to have another person to lavish attention on her child.


Jiang cheerfully returned Madam Chengs call.

Then she talked on the phone for more than 30 minutes with Madam Cheng about how to celebrate Jiang Yaos birthday.

Jiang Yao arrived home early.

She reached home at a little after four oclock.

She yawned and returned to her bedroom, even though it was still early.

Before leaving the kitchen, Lu Xingzhi washed and cut some fruits.

Then, he went to their room.

When he opened the door, he saw Jiang Yao sleeping on the bed.

Lu Xingzhi wanted to give Jiang Yao some time to rest.

The person on the bed suddenly opened his eyes and sat up as he was about to carry the fruit tray out.

She sniffed the air like a dogs nose and said, “I smell oranges!”

Lu Xingzhi could not help but laugh.

“Are you hungry

Jiang Yao grunted as her gaze was drawn to the fruit plate in his grasp.

Jiang Yaos appetite had returned to normal after the vomiting spell.

Everything tasted good, and she could eat whatever she wanted.

Lu Xingzhi placed the fruit plate on the bedside table and motioned for Jiang Yao to take a proper seat.

He popped the fruit into Jiang Yaos mouth with a toothpick.

He kissed her as he looked at her lips.

“It is so sweet.”

Jiang Yao narrowed her eyes and smiled.

She asked, “Is it the fruit sweet or my mouth”

Lu Xingzhi fixed his gaze on the person in his arms.

Rather than responding, he asked, “What do you think”

He realized he could not afford to flirt with Jiang Yao so casually and changed the subject.

Lu Xingzhi had been abstaining from sex since discovering she was pregnant.

Before that, Lu Xingzhi was a hungry wolf who wanted to eat her every day.

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Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and kissed her palm.

He smiled and said, “Ill give you a man named Lu Xingzhi.”

Jiang Yao was tickled by his kiss and quickly retracted her palm with a grin.

“1t doesnt count.

From the day we got our marriage certificate, Lu Xingzhi was already mine..”

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