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Chapter 300: Yuezes Elder Brother

“Yueze told me that you are going to bring your wife along today.

She is your wife, isnt she” Although there was not an obvious smile on Mr.

Liangs face, he was a friendly old man despite having a serious look, just like how Lu Xingzhi described him.

“Out of all five of you, your marriage was the only one that I did not need to worry about! Weiqi told me that you picked your own wife and she is currently studying at a medical university in Nanjiang City! Not bad, not bad!” Mr.

Liang met a lot of people throughout his life.

The people that he met were more than the amount of rice that any ordinary person had eaten in their lives.

Lu Xingzhis wife did not act inappropriately by poking around upon entering their place.

She even had on a decent and faint smile the whole time.

She did not pay too much attention to the people who walked past her even though their attire was elegant and glamorous.

Therefore, Mr.

Liangs first impression of Jiang Yao was excellent.

It was rare for people who came from a small town like her to be so composed at such a grand event.

“Oh, right, if Im not mistaken, your name is Jiang Yao, right” Mr.

Liang nodded at Jiang Yao.

“We have a lot of guests here today, could you two lovebirds please excuse me and your Aunt Liang”

Since Mr.

Liang was able to say that, he meant that he treated both of them as a part of his family.

“Please carry on, Uncle Liang.

I will take care of my own wife.” Lu Xingzhi quickly ushered Mr.

Liang to entertain the other guests.

He waited for Uncle Liang to turn around, then only he held Jiang Yaos hand and continued walking.

The living room of the Liang familys house was filled with guests.

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos hand and walked across the room.

Each time they walked past someone they knew, he would introduce Jiang Yao to them as his wife and exchange a few words with them.

Along the way, Jiang Yao pretended to be an obedient and modest girl who was in her salad days.

Each time when she received a compliment, she would put on a gentle smile and reply humbly.

After walking further into the house, she saw a man sitting in front of the coffee table, making a cup of tea for himself.

She recognised him as Liang Yuezes elder brother with a mere glance because Liang Yueze looked very alike with his elder brother.

When Jiang Yao met Liang Yuezes elder brother, she was reminded of Liang Yuezes face.

Even after more than ten years, Lu Xingzhi and his buddies were the phoenixes among the birds judging from their looks alone, not to mention the other aspects.

Therefore, once Jiang Yao saw Liang Yuekais face, she could match it with the man whom she had faint memories of.

However, Liang Yuezes elder brother was not the one whom she was curious about, it was the woman who was talking to Liang Yuekai.

The woman looked a lot different from the others who were dressed up normally at the Liang familys house.

She was wearing a full set of handsome military uniform.

Her dashing short hair could barely cover up her ears, making her look very energized and agile.

Probably due to her fighters instinct, the woman seemingly sensed Jiang Yaos gaze.

She suddenly turned around and looked in Jiang Yaos direction.

Jiang Yao felt embarrassed.

She then realized the need for her to greet the woman and explain herself.

To her surprise, the woman was overjoyed and stood up immediately.

She shouted in Jiang Yaos direction, “Lu Xingzhi!”

Jiang Yao lowered her head and touched the tip of her nose.

That was awkward, she was someone Lu Xingzhi knew.

In comparison to the womans excitement, Lu Xingzhis reaction was indifferent.

He only replied to the woman with a hum and a nod.

He then grabbed his wifes hand and walked past her.

They sat down on the opposite of Liang Yuezes elder brother and his wife.

He acted as if the woman in military uniform was no different from any other person in the house, like she was just a mere acquaintance.

“Shes your wife, right” Liang Yuekais sole purpose there that day was to prepare tea for the guests.

After Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao sat down, he gave them a cup of tea each.

“I noticed my fathers expression when he was talking to you.

I suppose that he was very satisfied with your wife.

I have heard about your wife from Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao before.

Knowing a lady by repute is not as good as meeting her face-to-face, your wife is more beautiful than the way the two illiterates described her!”

The young Mrs.

Liang heard him and burst into laughter.

“Why does your compliment come along with some criticism Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao graduated from military school anyway.

If both of them are illiterates, what will a person like me who had been failing school exams since young do”

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