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Chapter 330: Are You Coming

Jiang Yao did not ask more about the Ge family.

She lowered her head and focused on Lu Xingzhi who was stir-frying some vegetables.

It was obvious that Lu Xingzhi did not cook very often as he poured oil three times even when he was just stir-frying some vegetables.

However, his cooking skills were still better than Jiang Yaos.

Together with the food for their neighbor, Sergeant Ge and his daughter, Lu Xingzhi had prepared another braised fish with brown sauce along with two vegetarian dishes.

The recipe of the braised fish was one he spontaneously got from Colonel Lin at noon.

With chicken soup added to the menu, the dinner they had that night was a great feast.

“You can eat first without me, I will get some over for them.” Lu Xingzhi took out the big bowl that he bought in the morning and packed half of the dishes into it.

As for the chicken soup, he kept just enough for himself and Jiang Yao and packed the rest as well.

Jiang Yao told him that she would wait for him to come back and eat together.

She helped Lu Xingzhi to open the front door and sat back to the side of the dining table.

After a while of waiting, she picked up a pair of chopsticks and secretly tasted the food.

Lu Xingzhi was not the best cook, but his cooking was still very much edible.

After all, for people like Jiang Yao who could not even cook, she did not have the right to be picky.

The one who opened the door for Lu Xingzhi was Ge Wenwen.

When she saw what Lu Xingzhi was holding in his hands, she rejoiced immediately.

As soon as she turned around, she shouted at Sergeant Ge who was in the room, “Dad! Uncle Lu sent us something to eat! There are fish and chicken soup! I told you that I smelled meat just now, we have meat to eat tonight!”

Ge Wenwens words seemed impolite but Lu Xingzhi was too lazy to argue with her.

He talked to Sergeant Ge after placing the things he was holding onto the table.

He knew that Jiang Yao was still waiting for him to return so that they could eat together.

Therefore, he did not want to waste too much time and went back straight away.

Jiang Yao could clearly hear what Ge Wenwen said even when she was just sitting there.

It became a lot quieter when the door was locked after Lu Xingzhi came back.

“Remind me to buy an apron when were out tomorrow!” Jiang Yao just realized that there were no aprons in the house when she noticed the oil stains on Lu Xingzhis clothes.

Although it seemed as if Lu Xingzhi had been living here for quite some time and the house seemed to have everything, she felt that a lot of things were still missing once she had started living with him.

She could remember the big items but for the small items, it was easy to forget if she did not see it when they were out shopping.

“Are we going to town again tomorrow” Lu Xingzhi scooped a bowl of chicken soup for Jiang Yao.

“Arent you tired If youre tired, why dont we wait until youre back during the winter holidays and we can buy them together”

After he was done asking, Lu Xingzhi placed the bowl of chicken soup in front of Jiang Yao.

He did not say anything afterwards and started to gobble down all the food.

Jiang Yao grabbed a spoon and gently sipped the chicken soup.

Surprisingly, even though Lu Xingzhis cooking was not that great but the chicken soup that he made tasted fantastic.

She held the spoon gently and was blowing on the hot soup.

With a faint smile, she observed Lu Xingzhi who had lowered his head and seemed to be very focused while eating.

She then asked casually, “Lu Xingzhi, are you worried that I would not want to come during the winter holidays”

She would not have noticed that he was testing her with that question if she was not paying attention.

However, the look on his face that showed that he was waiting for an answer from her exposed his true intention.

Jiang Yaos overly-straightforward words caused Lu Xingzhi to choke.

He was very worried that Jiang Yao might feel hesitant to visit his troop again because of Mrs.

Ge and Ge Wenwen.

After all, what Ge Wenwen had done in the morning was too much.

A child as young as her dared to throw stones at other people.

It was worse when they could not say much about it or reprimand her.

He was afraid that his wife might feel frustrated.

“So, are you coming” Lu Xingzhi was thinking that if Jiang Yao really hated meeting the people who lived opposite them and refused to come, he would certainly not force her.

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