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Chapter 353: Grandmother Liang Wakes Up

“Where did Ruoran go” Zhou Weiqi gently set the porridge in his hands onto the table, motioning for Jiang Yao to go ahead and eat.

“Something urgent came up at her office and she was asked to go back immediately.

I offered to be here till she comes back.” While talking, Jiang Yaos gaze did not leave the patient lying on the bed.

She looked at the disposable cutleries and muttered, “These are not hygienic, you should use it less in the future.”

“Cant shake off your occupational habit, eh” Zhou Weiqi teased Jiang Yao before changing the topic, “Right, Jiang Yao, why did you choose to be a doctor A lot of girls like to do arts or want to become a teacher.”

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes at Zhou Weiqi, “Who says that a girl has to be a teacher Although being a doctor is more tiring than a teacher, it has its own perks and advantages.

With me being a doctor, if you are sick at any time, I promise to treat you and charge you the lowest price possible.”

“Well, you and your big mouth.

Dont you want to see me healthy and happy” Zhou Weiqi lightly touched his nose.

Jiang Yao laughed, “If only what I say will always come true.”

It was just a while after they had started eating when Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran came back to the hospital.

“We are back, you can leave now if you want to.” Liang Yueze thanked Jiang Yao, and continued, “If you need anything, let Weiqi know and he can bring you around to do some shopping.

If not, I can have my assistant send some clothes over.”

“I think that sounds like a good idea, just have your assistant send it over to me.” She was not sure how long she was going to be at Jindo City, having some extra change of clothes would be nice.

Plus, she was not in the mood to shop.

“Jiang Yao, you take afternoon naps, right Do you want to go back now” Zhou Weiqi asked.

Jiang Yao was not in a hurry, she looked at Grandmother Liang lying on the bed and shook her head.

“Its alright, lets stay with Brother Liang and Ruoran for a while longer.”

An hour had passed, it was almost time for Grandmother Liang to wake up as per Jiang Yaos estimation.

She wanted to check on Grandmother Liangs vitals before leaving.

The four of them sat around the bed chatting.

It was mostly Zhou Weiqi doing all the talking though, with the rest sporadically throwing in a comment or two.

Even though Jiang Yao was listening in on the conversation, her eyes never left Grandmother Liang.

She would check her watch from time to time.

When her gaze fell upon Grandmother Liang once more, she saw the light tremble of Grandmother Liangs eyelids.

She then slowly opened her eyes; to which Jiang Yao stood up excitedly.

“Grandmother Liang is awake!” Jiang Yao cried out, her voice filled with happiness and excitement.

Hearing that, the rest looked over.

Luo Ruoran could not contain her tears, she walked toward Grandmother Liang, crying at the sight.

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