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Chapter 403: The Demon

Lu Xingzhi felt a pang of remorse, annoyed at his ineptitude to provide for Jiang Yao.

She came all the way to visit him and yet, he barely spent time with her.

“When are you going back to school” Lu Xingzhi suddenly asked.

“Its supposed to be tomorrow, but I am calling Xuehui and asking for her help in requesting a two-month break for me.

I will return to school when you go back to the platoon.”

“Thats almost time for your winter break.

Why dont you just stay until the end of the winter break” Lu Xingzhis little plan was marvelous.

Now, Jiang Yao had to spend more time with him.

Perhaps the university might expel her on the grounds of prolonged absence, the perfect excuse for Jiang Yao to study in Jindo Medical University instead.

“I still have to sit for the exam before the break starts.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

Lu Xingzhi was not too bothered.

“With your current skills, does it matter if you take the exam I dont think your teachers are better than you.”

Jiang Yao stole a glance at Lu Xingzhi.

Her advantage was the Medical System, and maybe her ten-year experience as a doctor before she was reborn.

Without the Medical System, she did not dare to claim her superiority over her teachers at school.

“Thats not how it works.

I lose my credibility if I do that, what if people think that I am a demon, who traded her soul with Satan for better medical skills” Jiang Yao muttered, before continuing, “I have requested the people at the hospital not to disclose whatever happened during both Colonel Lins and your surgeries.

We have to keep this a secret, at the very least till I graduate.”

“You should be back to your best in two months.

Lets see, I can go back to school and attend lessons for two weeks before sitting for the exams.

I want to go home and visit my family during the break.

After that, I will come over and spend New Years with you.”

At this point, there was no need to hide anything from Lu Xingzhi.

She was not at all concerned looking at his tense expression, instead she asked, “So, you are not at all afraid that I may secretly be an evil demon”

“Arent you actually one” Lu Xingzhi spent a few seconds looking at the face in front of him.

“You look as alluring as one.

One look is all it took for me to fall for you, if thats not the work of a demon, I dont know what else is.”

Jiang Yao was stunned for a good two seconds, before sitting down and laughing her heart out.

“Who said that you are stingy with your words” Jiang Yao tried stifling her laughter, not wanting to lose her femininity.

“Look at that sweet-talking mouth of yours!”

Oh, men! Never underestimate their ability to sweet talk!

Seeing Jiang Yaos unstoppable laughter, Lu Xingzhi chuckled, “As long as you are happy.”

Jiang Yao lay back down on her bed while urging Lu Xingzhi to do the same.

Yet, she was too thrilled to sleep.

Was it actually love at first sight for Lu Xingzhi

As for Lu Xingzhi, with nothing weighing on his mind, he quickly fell into a deep sleep.

He was so sound asleep that he did not realize that Jiang Yao fed him medicine in the middle of the night.

Although he did feel much better when he woke up the next day.

The first thing Jiang Yao did after she woke up was to remove all instruments and devices tethered to Lu Xingzhis body.

She was positive that Lu Xingzhis condition had stabilized.

Everything else tethered to his body was a burden, and she could not bear seeing him in such a state.

Lu Xingzhi woke up feeling refreshed and energized.

He spent a little over an hour privately talking to Liang Yueze and his brother in his room.

After they left, he went back to sleep.

Jiang Yao did not ask what they were talking about, she kept at her job, taking care of Lu Xingzhi.

Her medicines from the Medical System were very effective and had Lu Xingzhi almost back to his usual self in a week.

He was now much more energized and did not fall asleep as much as before.

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