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Chapter 423: Discharged

“Thats great actually, I feel a little relieved knowing that.” Lu Xingzhi raised his hand and gave Jiang Yao a good head rub.

“Promise me not to do something so impulsive again! If anyone ever asks you about it, tell them I taught you the moves.

If they have any further issues, get them to come see me.”

Like a cat, Jiang Yao nuzzled against Lu Xingzhis palm, and gently responded with a faint yes.

She did not move when his lips came pressing down, instead she eagerly welcomed his kiss.

Lu Xingzhi was very pleased with Jiang Yaos assertiveness.

Not getting any action while confined in the hospital, a little teaser of what was to come was good enough for him.

Under Jiang Yaos care, and coupled with his already excellent health, Lu Xingzhi was discharged from the hospital half a month later to continue his recuperation at home.

The day he was scheduled to go home, Lu Xingzhi woke up with a big smile, his happiness clearly showing on his face.

While Chen Xuyao was off handling the paperwork for his discharge, Lu Xingzhi deliberately went over to the room next door for a goodbye visit.

He looked at Colonel Lin, who was still sitting on a wheelchair, with disgust in his eyes.

“Im leaving today, Colonel Lin,” Lu Xingzhi reported.

Colonel Lin duly acknowledged Lu Xingzhi.

Here he was thinking that he could leave the hospital earlier than Lu Xingzhi! Seeing Lu Xingzhis rapid recovery, Colonel Lin had no choice but to submit to the ever-powerful effect of aging even though he was only a few years older than Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi seemed to have something to discuss with Colonel Lin.

Jiang Yao took the cue and went back to their room to get their belongings.

Two nurses were in the room cleaning up, not noticing Jiang Yaos presence as they continued chatting.

“A friend of mine in Jin City Hospital called yesterday and asked if I knew who was behind the surgery for that soldier we had here called Ge.

Everyone there was shocked to see his examination results a week after he transferred there.

His injured leg was pronounced a loss after initial examinations.

Yet, the results after the surgery demonstrated that the operation was done perfectly.

By hook or by crook, his leg was saved.

She wanted me to ask around and see if I can find out who was the one responsible for that surgery.”

“Its normal you dont know whats actually going on since you just transferred here.

Do you know the patients staying in this room and the one next to us They are the real miracles here.

I heard that their surgeries were done by someone incredible, even our director calls her the Divine Doctor, a marvel in the medical field.”

“That amazing”

“That soldier you were talking about; his leg surgery was done by this Divine Doctor.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Lucy, she was there during the operation.

Although she did say that the Divine Doctor entered the operating theater with a surgical gown, a mask and a surgical cap on, only the eyes were exposed.

She thinks the Divine Doctor is a lady, thats all she knows.

Also, she heard that the lady came from an influential background.

All matters regarding her are forbidden talk, especially enforced by the hospital.

A few of our doctors have seen her and know who she is, but nobody dared to disclose the affair to the public.”

“Wow, very mysterious!”

“Thats what I thought too! Anyway, she is extremely capable! Lucy told me that the patient next door, Colonel Lin, came in with an amputation verdict, yet the Divine Doctor was able to reverse things.

Look at them now, happy as always, I assume he will have a quick recovery.”

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