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Chapter 470: Five Hundred Thousand

Zhou Weiqi returned to his senses and explained, “Nah, I just think she looks pretty when she is smiling, just like how I appreciate your beauty.

Besides, shes not my Qiuhe, alright!”

“Thanks for the compliment.” Jiang Yao chuckled dryly.

She then asked Lu Xingzhi, “When do you plan to release Mr.


“Tomorrow.” Lu Xingzhi looked at Zhou Weiqi.

“Initially I wanted you to make the decision, but I realized that it might take too long to wait for your verdict.

I dont have the patience for it, so I gave the decision-making right to someone else.”

“Brother Lu…” Zhou Weiqi sighed.

“Excuse me for being blunt, but you cant even compete with Zhou Nings pet dog in the Zhou family.” Lu Xingzhi did not mince his words.

Yet, they were the truth.

“If your father decides to keep you in the Zhou family, Ill be very surprised.”

Zhou Weiqi did not speak, he kept his head down and munched on the cookies served.

What could he say He was always disregarded and left behind; what else could he hope for

“Get out of my way after youre done eating.” Lu Xingzhi got annoyed looking at Zhou Weiqis sour expression.

Realizing that he was third wheeling here, Zhou Weiqi grabbed a handful of cookies, took a swig of tea, and walked away.

The afternoon sun was very bright, causing Jiang Yaos face to flush a bright red.

She leaned on Lu Xingzhis shoulder after Zhou Weiqis departure and said, “We should call Weiqi back.

We three can play a game of cards.”

Seeing Lu Xingzhi actually reaching for his cell phone, Jiang Yao quickly stopped his hand and said, “I was just joking, you took it seriously”

Lu Xingzhi did.

It was not a big deal though, as it involved the simple act of giving Zhou Weiqi a call.


Zhou and Zhou Ning must be livid at us now.” Jiang Yao could not stop thinking about Zhou Nings expression, she thought it looked funny.

“Weiqi and Xuyao asked me yesterday why I wasnt angry, even Chen Feibai asked me the same question too.

Do you know what I told them Well, they need a favor from me.

Its only a matter of time before theyll have to put themselves down and beg for my help.

I did not expect them to get on their knees though, good thing Zhou Ning mentioned it herself.”

Seeing the pathetic reactions of Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning had Jiang Yao in a very chummy mood.

She was reminded of the way they treated Zhou Weiqi yesterday and felt really pleased to see how the tables have turned.

“So, the five hundred thousand is Weiqis” Jiang Yao asked.

“For Weiqi to leave the Zhou family, they would take back everything he had that was given by them.” Lu Xingzhi knew very well what the Zhou family would do.

Even though they did not provide much for Zhou Weiqi, Lu Xingzhi wanted to at least get some compensation for all the hardships and injustice Zhou Weiqi faced all these years staying in the Zhou family.

“Five hundred thousand is not a lot of money, yet neither is it a small sum,” Jiang Yao said.

“For an ordinary household, five hundred thousand is an amount of money they can only ever dream of having, just like my parents who are farmers.

They can never earn that much even till the end of their lives.

Yet for the Zhou family, it is nothing more than a mortgage for a villa or a loan for a luxurious vehicle.”

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