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Chapter 473: Memorial Service

With their prolonged departure and subsequent perilous experience, Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin were swarmed on their way out by a big crowd of people.

Both were awarded the First-Class Merit Medal for their heroics.

This was an honor many people might never ever receive.

“Colonel, Captain, many soldiers sacrificed their lives for this rescue mission.

The platoon started a fund-raising campaign, do you want to donate” Zhou Junmin asked.

Even though the Jin City platoon sent Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi for the rescue mission, the other platoons were hit with many casualties.

The fund-raising campaign was started to ensure that the family members of the sacrificed soldiers were taken care of.

“Of course.” Colonel Lin stated the amount he wanted to donate after learning how much his superiors and subordinates gave.

Before Lu Xingzhi could ask, Zhou Junmin said, “The captains of other squads donated amounts between thirty thousand and a hundred thousand.”

“Ill donate a hundred thousand then.” Lu Xingzhi replied and left with Jiang Yao.

He had the means to donate more, but he knew better than to upset the unwritten rules and social etiquette in the military.

Yes, Lu Xingzhi was well-off.

However, he was only a captain in the platoon.

If he suddenly contributed a large amount of money to the campaign, his popularity would rise but his superiors would not be happy about it.

There were many ways to shine and make yourself known; this was not one of them.

The platoons prepared buses to transport all involved people to the memorial service at Jindo City.

The service was held at the Martyrs Cemetery, located right at the outskirts of the city.

All sacrificed soldiers whose body was not sent back to their respective hometowns were interred here.

It was here that Jiang Yao saw Zhou Weiqis crush again.

The people beside Zhan Qiuhe must be her parents.


Zhan looked extremely frail, with her bones showing through her skin; the pain of losing her sons must have been too much for her to deal with.

“According to Weiqi, Zhan Qiuhes elder brother was buried here a few years ago, her parents were a mess and actually fainted during the service then.

Her younger brother joined half a month ago; she cried until she could not even speak.” Jiang Yao looked at the Zhan family sympathetically.

Not everyone could handle the painful blow of a double tragedy happening so quickly.

Jiang Yao understood the pain of seeing a loved one laid to rest forever underground.

It was an urge, a massive impulse, to dig up the soil with ones own bare hands and wake the deceased up.

“Ill say this again, Lu Xingzhi, no matter how dangerous your future missions are, you have to return alive,” Jiang Yao said, emphasizing each and every word.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao in silence.

Finally, he replied with a firm and forceful nod.

Before the memorial service began, Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao walked up to the Zhan family.

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