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Chapter 503: Ive Never Seen So Much Money Before

“Thats enough, Mrs.


We found out from the bank that you transferred a sum of money to one of Lin Fulians account yesterday.

If you dont know who he is, why would you send him money” The Captain tapped the table in irritation.

Scandalous affairs of the social elites were plentiful.

With Zhou Weiqi banished from the Zhou family, who would have thought that Mrs.

Zhou was so wicked as to plot for his death.

The young police constables thought to themselves how they used to admire the lives of people born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

It seemed that their lives were not easy as well, it was better to come from a normal household, with loving parents and supportive siblings.

In just a short while, everyone in the police station was sympathetic to Zhou Weiqis plight.

“Well, I didnt ask them to kill! I just wanted them to beat him up.

Maybe I could threaten Master Lu and obtain his help to see the Divine Doctor by kidnapping Zhou Weiqi too.

I didnt ask them to kill, I didnt want him to be dead! Officer, Im not a fortune-teller, how would I know that Jiang Yao was together with Zhou Weiqi Plus, I only gave them so little money!” Mrs.

Zhou was genuinely horrified.

She could not lie about the money transferred to Lin Fulian, so she could only explain their dealings in detail.

The more she explained, the more afraid she felt.

Lu Xingzhi and his gang must have instructed Lin Fulian to come up with this confession, their aim was to have her incarcerated!

A conviction for conspiracy to commit murder carried a far more severe sentence than a kidnapping charge, Mrs.

Zhou knew she could never confess to the accusation.

Lin Fulian wanted to stay silent, perhaps the officers would come to their own conclusion without him having to confess to being a murder-for-hire.

Yet, he immediately felt a heavy weight on his shoulders.

Raising his head abruptly, his gaze met a pair of frigid eyes.

His heart dropped; he knew what those eyes meant.

“Ive never seen so much money before! For you, its a small amount, but for me, its a huge sum! You wanted us to kill them both!” Lin Fulian affirmed his previous confession, that they were paid to kill, not just to kidnap.

He kicked his mates beside him and said, “Even they heard it!”

“Officers! It was our mistake; we have nothing but regret! Please! We will never lie!” Lin Fulian started crying.

Chen Xuyao tried his hardest to contain his laughter, his shoulders trembled ever so slightly.

“My wife is shaken; well be leaving since we have our statements recorded.

I believe youll handle this case of a conspiracy to commit murder appropriately.” Lu Xingzhi emphasized the word murder before thanking the police officers and left the police station with the rest.

“Xuyao, get two attorneys, one for Lin Fulian, one for you and Jiang Yao.


Zhou will be in prison for a long time.”

As they were exiting the police station, Lu Xingzhi said to Chen Xuyao, before adding, “Attempted murder of a military family, Ill get something done on the military side too.”

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