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Chapter 558: Hijacked

“Im nineteen.” Jiang Yao grinned.

“I got married a year ago.

I suppose my husband was afraid that a fine woman like me would be taken, thats why the hurry.”

She explained it in a humorous way, even Huang Chengjing chuckled listening to her narrative.

Cheng Jinyan raised his eyebrows and looked at Lu Yuqing.

“Are you married too”

Lu Yuqing was caught offhanded by Cheng Jinyans question.

Regaining her composure, she replied, “Yes.”

And added after a pause, “But Im divorced.”

Jiang Yao looked toward Cheng Jinyan, who was smiling cryptically and throwing glances at Huang Chengjing when he asked Lu Yuqing the question.

“So young! I couldnt tell!” Cheng Jinyan chuckled.

He then came up with an excuse and quickly left.

“My apologies, my friend here is raised abroad with slightly different values.

Sorry for his incessant questioning.” Huang Chengjing lamented his good friends irresponsible action, leaving him to clean up the mess alone.

However, Cheng Jinyan did uncover the answer Huang Chengjing wanted to know, for that was a debt to be repaid.

Huang Chengjing stole a glimpse at Lu Yuqing, who did not betray any emotions on her face, before leading the ladies into the banquet hall.

Just as expected by Huang Chengjing, a woman of Lu Yuqings age who came to Nanjiang City alone without any familial restrictions was either a divorcee or a widow.

He initially thought that she had lost her husband.

Even though divorces were getting more and more common, many women still lacked the courage to do so because of the negative stigma by society.

Plus, not many women who were divorced could live a carefree life.

As the host of tonights event, Huang Chengjing had to entertain other guests.

Jiang Yao and Lu Yuqing found a spot to stand as their eyes wandered.

Being new in the city, the many socialites of Nanjiang City were unfamiliar to Jiang Yao.

The banquet hall was a dazzling sight to behold, lavishly decorated and glimmering, Jiang Yao knew that tonights opening gala was a grand event for Golden Phoenix.

Many guests attended with a plus one.

Golden Phoenix.

Initially, Jiang Yao thought it was named as such to represent the hopes and aspirations of the company by Huang Chengjing.

Now, she realized the word “Golden” represented Cheng Jinyan, while the word “Phoenix” stood for Huang Chengjing.

“Sis, what are your plans now that youve spent a few days here in Nanjiang City” Jiang Yao passed a glass of champagne to Lu Yuqing while she sipped on her glass of fruit juice.

“Since youve quit your previous job, why dont you try your fortune here in the city”

“Ive thought about it.” Lu Yuqing gently shook the champagne in her hand and directed her gaze toward Huang Chengjing, who was standing not too far away, and said, “Mr.

Huang offered me a position in Golden Phoenix.

I told him I needed time to think and did not give him a reply as of yet.”

Jiang Yao almost spit out the fruit juice in her mouth.


Huangs a sneaky fellow! How dare he take you away from me” Jiang Yao set the glass aside and clung onto Lu Yuqings arm.

“Sis, dont agree to it! This old man has other plans for you!”

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