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Chapter 564: Asset Transfer

It was not the first time Lu Yuqing got to know her brother.

She snickered, “What can I say This is your matter, Ill not comment on it.”

Afraid that she was too vague in her reply, she added, “As long as you dont ask for money from both Father and Mother, you are free to do whatever you want.

As you are both a married couple and adults, I dont have the right to interfere in your business.”

“Thank you.” Lu Xingzhi

“I believe you are a smart man.

If youre okay with whatever your wife does, I am too.

Ill be in Nanjiang City for some time, if it is needed Ill help out.

Dont worry, I wont do things that would make Jiang Yao unhappy.”

Lu Yuqing returned the phone to Jiang Yao and mocked, “Look at this kid, sometimes I wonder if he is really my brother.

Said he wanted to talk to me but in reality, he was afraid I would mistreat you.”

Jiang Yao was embarrassed.

Suddenly, she did not know what to say to Lu Xingzhi.

She did not expect him to say all these to Lu Yuqing.

However, she was pleased to know that.

Whatever Lu Xingzhi did, he always prioritized Jiang Yao.

“Dont worry about money, I have many assets in my hand, properties, cars, stocks, bonds, Ill have the lawyer visit you tomorrow at Nanjiang City.

Sign the document and use them to mortgage the loan.

If its not enough, except for my shares in Brother Liangs company, you can liquidate the rest.

That should be enough.”

Perhaps he felt that it was inadequate, he added, “If its not possible, why dont you request for a few days off and come to Jindo City We can get the loan from the banks here, I know some people.”

Jiang Yao was not aware of Lu Xingzhis net worth.

However, she estimated it to be quite substantial, perhaps even more than the amount she guessed.

A frustrating amount of money was nothing more than a mild inconvenience to Lu Xingzhi.

“Are you planning to transfer all of your assets to me” Jiang Yao did not know how to reply to Lu Xingzhi.

“Should I laugh or pretend to decline”

Lu Yuqing and Manager Sun could not hear what Lu Xingzhi said over the phone, but they understood what was going on after hearing Jiang Yaos reply.

They were very amused.

How much did one person have to value and trust the other person to reveal everything he had so willingly, and to give his all to the other person

Lu Yuqing smiled helplessly.

Her silly little brother, an accomplished man in all facets of life only to stumble in the face of love.

Jiang Yao just had to treat him a little kinder for him to reciprocate unconditionally.

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