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Chapter 593: The Search and Rescue Team

The girls listened to Chen Siyang with heavy hearts.

Jiang Yao sighed.

“Human selfishness can only be blamed.

The authorities would have issued orders when it was time to divert the water out.”

If that happened instead, the tragedy would not have happened.

In Jiang Yaos memory, her village was never a victim of a tragedy like this.

When the water level rose in the river, the residents would have temporarily moved to places on higher elevation or sought refuge in mountain caves.

Strong and healthy men would remain to monitor the river condition.

This was the Jiang Village she remembered, a united community of people.

She was still a young girl back then when she was taken to the caves up in the mountains, protected by her two brothers of course.

They spent the night there.

Fortunately, the rain stopped the next morning and the river returned to its usual water level.

It was a false alarm.

Even though the harvest for the year was ruined, Jiang Yao remembered clearly the smiles of rejoicing on the residents faces.

“Do you think the flood was caused by the same events similar to what happened back at my hometown” Chen Siyang remarked, “Its outrageous if thats the case! There are so many more people living in the county, they are all human lives!”

“I suppose not.

From what I have heard, the local government has done plenty of preventative measures in preparation for the worsening weather.

It would be impossible for a mistake like this to happen,” Jiang Yao replied.

Just as she finished speaking, they heard breaking news coming from the radio announcer.

“We received frontline news that a soldier from the search and rescue team of Province Cs Ying County was seen falling into the strong currents of the flood and swept away after protecting a child from danger.

He disappeared instantly and we dont know where he is right now.”

At this point, the announcer was slightly choked up.

“I hope that everyone who is listening to this broadcast and is in the vicinity of Rong County can do whatever you can to help us find this soldier.

I sincerely pray for his safe return.”

After the announcement, the room fell into silence.

The news, no doubt, was heavy, even if none of them knew the soldier personally.

Yet, they hoped, just like the announcer, that the soldier would be found safely.

The search and rescue team of Province Cs Ying County

Jiang Yao was deep in thought for a while as she instinctively took out her cell phone and dialled Lu Xingzhis number.

She was reminded that he had no access to his phone when the call did not connect.

Ying County of Province C, was that not the location for his selection process

Was the search and rescue team comprised of the soldiers participating in the selection

Jiang Yao asked, “Do any of you know if Rong County is next to Ying County”

“No, they are separated by another county,” Lin Qiaoyu answered and added after realizing the strange expression on Jiang Yaos face, “Are you okay, Jiang Yao”

“Im fine, I have a phone call to make.” She shook her head and went to the balcony.

She was so distracted that she did not realize she was not wearing slippers when she went out.

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