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Chapter 640: Why Should I

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When Jiang Yao and the soldier arrived, they could hear Lu Xingzhi\'s angry voice coming from within the tent.

I say we have to punish her severely! As a soldier, Chen Feitang could not follow the rules, why does she deserve to be one herself What if the person wasn\'t Zhu Qianlan, but a disguised criminal Is it okay for me to receive news of my wife\'s kidnapping

Lu Xingzhi looked at General Chen defiantly, not willing to compromise his stance.

General, I\'m not trying to cause trouble.

Let me ask you this.

If I told a stranger that Chen Feitang is a daughter of the Chen family and revealed where she was stationed, what would you do

Lu Xingzhi asked apathetically.

The Chen family has a lot of enemies, not much less than mine.

If I revealed Chen Feitang\'s identity to any stranger, I believe you will end my life right then and there!

General Chen was stumped.

Frankly, that was what he would have done.

Chen Xuyao was a victim of such an act.

As a soldier, Chen Feitang\'s failure to follow military rules is a reasonable reason to discharge her from the military! She doesn\'t deserve the uniform!

Lu Xingzhi glanced at the pale-faced Chen Feitang standing behind General Chen.

You should be prepared to deal with the consequences the moment you said those words! So what if you are the daughter of the Chen family and the granddaughter of General Chen Let me tell you, you are the Chen family\'s treasure but my wife is my life!

Jiang Yao heard it and decided not to enter the tent.

She turned around and left.

The soldier was puzzled and went after her, without disturbing the occupants in the tent, of course.

Ay ay! Why aren\'t you going in

Why should I Jiang Yao asked.

Captain Lu is about to fight with the General and General Chen, shouldn\'t you try and stop it The soldier looked at her in confusion.

Jiang Yao shook her head.

Why should I He had a good point, didn\'t he Why should I tear his argument down when he is out there fighting for me

A brief pause later, she retorted, Do you have a crush on Chen Feitang instead and don\'t want to see her punished.

That\'s why you came for me so that I could stop my husband from giving Chen Feitang more trouble

Bollocks! Nobody likes that cocky woman! The soldier was upset at her accusation.

She did make sense though, he was in a hurry just now trying to prevent a fight from happening.

After listening to Jiang Yao though, it seemed like that was the worse thing she could do, tearing Lu Xingzhi down and preventing him from giving Chen Feitang the appropriate punishment.

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