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Chapter 645: Just a Confession

If someone were to raid the dormitory, Silence would hide the nest under his bed.

He wouldnt scream or scream, and he loved cleanliness.

Every time he returned to the dormitory after having fun, before entering the nest, he would definitely go to the bathroom to wash it clean.

But Mimi was an ordinary cat.

It couldnt do anything that Mo could do.

So, raising it in the dorm might be discovered and might bring trouble to its dorm mates.

“Ive asked Manager Sun before.

There is no shooting practice in Nanjiang City, so I have to buy a house in Nanjiang City and install a training room for myself.

Furthermore, if I want to stay in Nanjiang City for a long time, I cant stay in a hotel or a house forever.

This is a must.

You can either stay in school or stay outside with me.

Ill be more at ease.

You and Sister can take care of each other and have company.

That was Lu Xingzhis plan.

He would definitely buy a house in Nanjiang City.

If he didnt have enough money, he would buy a smaller one.

If he had enough money, he would buy a small villa.

It would be spacious and comfortable.

“After the house is ready, find a housekeeper to wash your clothes and cook for you.

Also, take care of your pet.” Jiang Yao did not know how to cook, and Lu Yuqings culinary skills were not that good either.

Therefore, this nanny was definitely needed.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.

I wont give those boobs to anyone else!” Jiang Yao nodded excitedly.

After the car entered the downtown area of Nanjiang City, Lu Xingzhi drove the car to Lu Yuqings hotel.

On the same floor, he asked for a room and brought Jiang Yao upstairs.

“Im going to take a shower first.

You stay in the room for a while.

If youre hungry, call the catering service.

If not, wait for me to bring you to eat.” After opening the door and entering, Lu Xingzhi placed their luggage on the sofa.

As for Jiang Yao, she only needed to carry her cat.

“Okay, you go first.

Ill have a good shower later.” Jiang Yao nodded.

In Rong County, there was no such thing as a good shower.

Therefore, the first thing Jiang Yao wanted to do when she returned to Nanjiang City was to take a shower.

Lu Xingzhi smiled meaningfully.

He nodded, took his clothes, and went into the bathroom.

Jiang Yao was still thinking about what Lu Xingzhis smile meant when the phone in her pocket rang again.

It was Lu Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Yao was surprised.

She had not called Lu Xiaoxiao in a long time.

“How dare you call me when its raining” Lu Xiaoxiaos life in school was very rich.

She was so happy that she forgot about her home.

That was why Jiang Yao thought it was strange that Lu Xiaoxiao would call her.

“Sister-in-law, you dont sound right.

I can tell that youre jealous of me! Hmph!” Lu Xiaoxiao snorted.

“Sister-in-law, where have you been these past few days Why cant I get through to you”

“He went to Rong County.

You should know about the huge flood that happened in Rong County, right Your brother also went to Rong County to participate in the flood resistance,” Jiang Yao explained.

“There was no signal in Rong County, so he just returned to Nanjiang City with your brother.

Why Youve been looking for me for many days Is there something urgent”

“Its nothing urgent.

I just wanted to complain to you.” Lu Xiaoxiaos voice became softer.

However, when she said the wordcomplain, it sounded like she was gritting her teeth.

“Youre complaining to me Who made you angry Your brother didnt come all the way here to make you angry, did he” Jiang Yao giggled.

She found a comfortable position on the sofa and sat down, preparing to have a good chat with Lu Xiaoxiao.

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