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Chapter 659: From Then on, the Emperor Would Not Attend Court Early

It was impossible to persuade her, so Jiang Yao simply did not waste her breath on Jiang Lei and hung up the phone.

She would rather go back and chat with her roommates.

After making a phone call, Jiang Yao went back.

All the young ladies in the room laid out their clothes, each of them choosing what to wear at night.

“Thats scary.

Are you guys going on a blind date together Let me say it first.

Its just me and my husband tonight.

None of his comrades are here! ” Jiang Yao stood at the door of the balcony with a confused look on her face, then, she called out to Wen Xuehui, who was fiddling with her dress in front of the dressing mirror, “A friendly reminder.

Todays weather is slightly cold.

If you wear it like this, it will get cold! ”

“Whos going on a blind date Were not in such a hurry to get married like you! ” Zhou Xiaoxia said, she shook the clothes in her hands and asked Jiang Yao which one looked good before she explained, “Wen Xuehui is right.

Were here as one of your family members.

We cant Embarrass You! ”

“Its such a pity.

Youre already married! We wont be able to have your wedding! ” Lin Qiaoyu asked with a smile, “How about this dress of mine My mom said that I look great in this dress, so Ill wear this dress tonight.

I wont embarrass you, right ”

“You guys are dressed so beautifully.

What if my husband and I only treat you to a roadside stall ” Jiang Yao looked helpless.

“Eating at a roadside stall is still eating.

Its also your couples treat.

Since were going to appear, we have to dress appropriately, ” Chen Siyang replied.

Wen Xuehui regretfully put down the dress in her hand and then turned around to look at Jiang Yao, “Just based on your brand-name clothes, driving a private car to and from school every day, and the way you use your phone, if you dare to invite us to eat roadside stalls with your husband, I will beat you to death! ”

“Thats right! Stingy people cant be brought to our family! Our requirements arent high, so we cant have roadside stalls.

Even if we want to eat Yangchun noodles, we have to have a small street stall! ” Li Yi said.

“Okay, okay, then you guys take your time to dress up.

” Jiang Yao facepalmed.

Anyway, her mouth couldnt beat the other mouths.

“After dinner tonight, I Wont go back to the dormitory.

My husband and I will stay in a hotel.

“I knew it! Really, the lotus tent is warm for the night.

From now on, the King doesnt go to bed early.

” Wen Xuehui whistled at Jiang Yao.

“Im really afraid that your small waist cant stand your husbands big body.

“Ah! Wen Xuehui, how can you say such embarrassing things ” Zhou Xiaoxia scolded in a low voice from the side, and then said, “Youre just worrying blindly.

Jiang Yaos husband dotes on her, so he will definitely come gently.

” … ” so, were these really a group of unmarried and pure girls

Jiang Yao held her forehead again and changed into a new coat.

Then, she sat on the side and watched the group of girls rummaging through the shelves to find the most appropriate clothes for them.

When she watched from the side, she really wanted to talk to Lu Xingzhi.

At night, she could just bring a group of gorgeously dressed friends to eat at roadside stalls.

After Lu Xingzhi left the police station, he went straight to manager Sun.

When Jiang Yao praised manager Sun, Lu Xingzhi also agreed with manager Suns ability.

As a local of Nanjiang City, manager Sun must have a better understanding of the economy in Nanjiang City.

Therefore, before he decided to buy a house, he needed to find manager sun to understand some things.

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