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Chapter 729: What Else Could It Be

To the countries that owned it, it was a good thing, but to other countries, it was a terrifying biological weapon.

Jiang Yao did not say anything, but she could read Lu Xingzhis eyes when he looked at her.

He had thought of it, so he was even more worried about her.

When he left, his eyes were terrifyingly vicious.

At that time, Lu Xingzhi probably thought that regardless of whether she would be taken away or not, only if he was safe would he have a way to save him.

Jiang Yao smiled lightly in her heart.

Her man.

She admired his rationality and his boldness.

This was her man.

At the airport in the capital, the passengers were in a hurry and the crowd was flowing.

Jiang Yao dragged her suitcase and walked casually.

Her eyes were looking around and her ears were also absorbing the movements of the entire airport.

The people waiting for her were indeed at the exit of the airport.

The atmosphere of the people on both sides didnt seem to be very harmonious.

They were just waiting for her this little bit of time and didnt have the slightest bit of conversation the entire time.

As soon as Jiang Yao appeared in their line of sight, they immediately surrounded her.

However, the ones who were faster were the people from the capital.

“Miss Jiang Yao, right You brought a prohibited virus into YN territory.

Now, we want to…”as this person said this, he pushed away the people in front of him.

As he said this, he extended one hand towards Jiang Yao and the other hand took out handcuffs to handcuff her.

“Thats not what you said.

Previously, you told our leader that you were just suspicious.

Why Are You So Sure Now” Captain Chen, who was leading the team, unceremoniously pushed away officer YN, who was about to use his hand to pull the delicate little girl away, looking at the handcuffs in the other partys hand, he said coldly, “Please respect the citizens of our country! She is only suspected by you, not a confirmed criminal.”

Although she did not know the person who was protecting her, Jiang Yao was still a little surprised by the protection.

She pretended to be frightened and stood there with a confused face.

Then, she hid behind the person who was protecting her.

She looked at the group of people with a pale face, and her voice trembled slightly.

“What is this What virus What are you talking about”

Lu Xingzhi had once said that she was like Gu Haoyu.

This face was very deceiving.

As long as she showed even the slightest bit of weakness, people who did not know her would subconsciously treat her as a weak little girl.

This kind of weakness.., would arouse the desire of men to protect her.

Lu Xingzhi was right.

Captain Chen, who was in charge of this mission, turned his head and saw Jiang Yaos face with fear written on it.

Captain Chen felt that it was laughable.

She was just a nineteen-year-old girl, and a girl who was only in her first year of university.., and she was the wife of a soldier.

How could she possibly carry contraband

What neurotoxin It sounded laughable.

This was something that even the national secret research institute could not research.

Where could a little girl get it

When Captain Chen thought of this, he felt that the people of YN government wanted to cause trouble, so he found such a lame excuse.

“This is someone from the YN government.

Someone called Rahl accused you of bringing a prohibited virus into YN.

Now were looking for you to talk about these things,”captain Chen explained.

“Do you know Rahl”

“Youre going to start the interrogation here”Someone beside Captain Chen asked.

Captain Chen didnt even turn his head.

Instead, he asked, “What else Were not sure if the little girl really committed this crime.

Could it be that, regardless of the consequences, well capture her and beat her up before we extract a confession”

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