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Chapter 78: The Zhao Familys Disgrace and Downfall

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In the meantime, Lu Haixing sent his people to the Zhao familys house to remove everything that Lu Yuqing and the Lu family had given to them all these years, ranging from furniture as large as the sofa and 6-foot wardrobe to a pair of shoes and a bottle of supplement pills.

They carried the things that could be taken away onto the truck and those that couldnt were destroyed on the spot.

This was the typical characteristic of Lu Haixing.

He was a generally nice person, but once he was offended, he would come back in full force.

For the following days, the family members of the Zhao family, from old to young, came to the town, blocking and rallying in front of the Lu family houses gate.

They were howling, shouting, and cursing at the Lu family with all kinds of harsh words.

They even threatened to hang themselves at the gate.


and Mrs.

Lu were annoyed by their horrendous behavior.

Since it was a school holiday, they packed their things and taking Jiang Yao with them, they went to stay with Lu Haixing in the county.

Unlike the Lu family house in the countryside, bodyguards were scattered around the perimeter of Lu Haixings house.

When anyone from the Zhao family approached the house, the bodyguards instantly blocked them and hurled them onto the street mercilessly.

Hence, Jiang Yao and the rest of the Lu family could finally have some peace in the county.

“Jiang Yao, we havent seen the b*stard Zhao Zhuangzong recently, have we” Lu Xiaoxiao no longer addressed Zhao Zhuangzong as her brother-in-law ever since she knew the truth.

“Maybe hes cheesed off with his work and money problem right now,” Jiang Yao assumed.

Now that Lu Yuqing and Zhao Zhuangzong were divorced, he had nothing to do with the Lu family anymore.

Thus, the news about him owing hefty debts outside surfaced.

Zhao Zhuangzong didnt earn much from his job, but he spent a lot of money as Lu Yuqings assistants sugar daddy.

On top of that, he had borrowed a lot of money to pretentiously flaunt his wealth and prosperity.

In the beginning, the creditors didnt urge him to pay his debts on account of Zhao Zhuangzong being the son-in-law of the prestigious Lu family.

However, the news about Zhao Zhuangzong being divorced and kicked out of the Lu family spread like wildfire.

These creditors emerged like mushrooms after rain and eagerly went after him to recover the debts.

Currently, Zhao Zhuangzong was just a penniless nobody after losing his identity as the Lu familys son-in-law.

They were afraid that they wouldnt get a single penny from the poverty-stricken man!

Everyone saw Zhao Zhuangzong as the laughing stock of the county who was ungrateful and betraying the marriage oath.

Countless men were envious of him marrying the wealthy Miss Lu as his wife.

Her dowry was enough for him to spend the rest of his life comfortably.

Besides, thanks to their daughter-in-law, the Zhao familys social class increased by leaps and bounds.

Ironically, Zhao Zhuangzong failed in fawning on his in-laws and the powerful Lu family.

Not only did he keep a mistress and get her pregnant, but he had also staged a devious plan of taking the baby in as an adopted child and letting Lu Yuqing raised him.

How could the Lu family endure such devastating insults and humiliation His own vile attempt had forced him to hide in disgrace.

“He is such an evil and stinky man! Sister Yuqing is so nice to him and his family, but theyre so disgusting and nasty! Theyve treated her like an ATM machine, they summoned her when they needed a washing machine, they summoned her when their TV was broken.

His sister had even exploited Sister Yuqings name in the mall to buy whatever she wanted! They are all money-sucking vampires!” Lu Xiaoxiao growled and stomped in great dismay.

“Especially Zhao Zhuangzongs cousin—I was really disgusted and irritated when I saw her.

Unfortunately, she and I are schoolmates.

She often jumped on me to show off her prized loot from the mall! Is she crazy Does she honestly think that I, Lu Xiaoxiao, will be jealous of her Whatever she can afford is not even in my optional shopping list! Who does she think she is”


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